Monday, February 7, 2011

Hot Story "Hosni Mubarak"

From beginning of the month of February, all the news channels around the world are busy in showing stories of the millions' protest against the President of Egypt.

This man is in power for last 30 years, and he is around 83 year old. Great. That's why I was interested to know about him. 

This man got recognition during the war against Israel in the year 1973, when he was appointed as chief commander of the air force. He helped plan the successful surprise attack on the Israeli forces occupying the east bank of the Suez Canal on October 6, 1973, launching the Yom Kippur War. 

After this success, he was appointed as the Vice-President of the State.Mubarak quietly took over the day-to-day running of the government, presided over cabinet meetings, controlled the security apparatus, and became vice president of the ruling National Democratic party.

His years in office were marked by an improvement in Egypt’s relations with the other Arab countries and by a cooling of relations with Israel. He was able to march with two rivals in two hands.

All the Arab states had broken relations with Egypt to protest the treaty with Israel. Without renouncing the treaty, Mubarak patiently rebuilt bridges to Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yasser Arafat of the Palestine Liberation Organization. It was Mubarak who prodded Arafat to recognize Israel's right to exist and moderate his extremist stance.

Mubarak escaped with a minor hand wound when Islamic fundamentalists gunned down Sadat at a military review on October 6, 1981. Moving quickly to restore order and consolidate his position, Mubarak crushed an Islamic uprising in Asyut and jailed over 2,500 members of militant Islamic groups. He executed a handful, had others sentenced to prison terms, and gradually released the rest. He also released the more secular political figures whom Sadat had indiscriminately jailed in the September crackdown that helped provoke his assassination. 

Throughout the 1980s Mubarak combated Egypt's most pressing problems, unemployment and a struggling economy. He increased the production of affordable housing, clothing, furniture, and medicine. He also kept a tight rein on his officials, firnng ministers at the first hint of scandal and parliamentary legislators for unnecessary absences.Superb, is n't it !!!!

Mubarak was shocked and angered over the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. He thought the Gulf War could have been avoided, but placed that responsibility on Saddam Hussein. He felt that the Saudi Arabians were justified in inviting assistance from the West to protect their sovereignty. He sent 45,000 troops to the allied coalition, with the unanimous approval of the Egyptian people. After the war Mubarak's prompt actions and support boosted Egypt to the forefront in leading the Arab world. 

In 1993 Mubarak was elected for a sixth term with 96.3 percent of the vote. Many felt that the vote reflected the Egyptian's approval and confidence in Mubarak's stand against Islamic fundamentalists.In 2005 Mubarak easily won Egypt’s first multi-candidate presidential election, which was marred by low voter turnout and allegations of irregularities.

Well, great job man. But it is alleged that last fair election in Egypt was held in the Year 1950. And this man is nothing but a dictator. This man has earned millions of dollars from corruption which he kept outside Egypt. This is the main reason for protest against this 83 year old man.

But another big question, who are opposing ?? Are the normal people ?? But dramatically, this protest is not fully supported by the people at large. Mainly the movement is carried on by a banned group "Muslim Brotherhood" and supported by the opposition parties. The situation became worse when the Army denied to obey the President. 

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