Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ghar Wapsi - My own account

When some fifty plus families converted to Hinduism from Islam in Agra, our politicians stalled the Rajya Sabha for the entire winter session; our media went gaga on this topic for more than a week, so called secular intellectuals (who are in fact best of the idiots in the world) were whining day and night, and I was just wondering what new happened on this earth ?

For hundreds of years, followers of Christianity killed, raped all in the name of God. We can just imagine the situation from the fact that, the so called pagans of that time vanished from earth, who were once roaming around the entire Europe, America and Australia.

For hundreds of years, followers of Islam killed, raped all in the name of God. We can just imagine the situation from activities of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Both these religions gathered their followers from the bloodshed of humanity. They forced the Yehudis to leave their home land, they forced the Parsis to leave their home land, they forced Hindus too to leave their home land.

History is evidence that, Hindus fought hard and protected their land well from these so called followers of religion, Yehudis got back their land after a long struggle of a thousand years, Parsis are yet to go back to their land with lost glory.

But the thirst of getting more and more followers did not stop there. It’s on, and has become more inhuman. The so called secular intellectuals fail to look at these activities.

They cry for a Christian pastor who was killed by a Hindu (without back up of any militant organisation), but don’t give a look on a Hindu saint killed by Christians (with support of a militant organisation named CPI, Maoist). They cry when some Muslim or Christian converts to Hinduism, but don’t give a look when thousands of Hindus get convert on daily basis. They have problem when a state having ninety seven per cent Hindu population don’t have a Muslim leader, but don’t find anything wrong when a state having ninety per cent Muslim or Christianity population don’t have a Hindu leader.   They see it wrong when a Hindu says something against any religion, but don’t see anything wrong, when a Christian Organisation holds a rally in Mizoram against idol worship.

While, most of the Muslims and Christians support conversion of Hindus into their religion, there are many Hindus who find it the opposite when someone wants to be a Hindu. On Facebook, recently there was some discussion on this. And a Hindu has question, “to which caste they will belong to ?”  Another Hindu has problem that this will hamper the secular fabric of India. I cant find any suitable words to address them. These idiots never said the same when some Hindu changed his faith. They found the secular fabric intact then. Another moron Hindu was very angry, because RSS/VHP are acting as “Thekedars” of Hinduism. But look at the reality, these so called secular Hindus are in fact acting as “Thekedars” of Hinduism, and dictating what others Hindus should do, and these are the same morons who are closing doors of Hindu society for them who wants to join them.

Really, when someone gives me gyan on the matter of religious conversion, my blood boils, especially when that seems to be a secular Hindu. I ask them a single question, “why don’t they preach secularism to those who are luring poor Hindus ?” My blood boils, because once I fell in their trap and became a Christian. My blood boils, because these fake seculars in fact lured me to hate the religion of my ancestors. My blood boils, because for these fake seculars, I started hating my mother land, heros of this land, and instead started loving those foreign invaders who looted my mother land.

These all began in the year 2003, one of my friend was working in some NGO. That NGO along with some other NGOs was part of the movement for a law on Domestic Violence against women. They were organising a mock parliament at Bhubaneswar for College students. My friend asked me to be part of the event from our college. That NGO to spend for my bus fare, stay at Bhubaneswar, food and to give additional Rs.100/- per day.

It was really a very good offer for a young man of 20 year old. I was job less, tired of asking money to my parents. So I joined the event. The organisers of the event liked my ability to talk in English, and offered me to act as speaker of the mock parliament. Overnight I was a hero. There were a large number of girls around there, who were eager to talk to me, I was being paid to be among beautiful girls around. What else did I need at that time ?

While discussing on proposed Domestic Violence Bill, one of the organisers of the event started blaming Hinduism as the only cause for domestic violence on women in India. According to her, even asking a woman to put sindoor on forehead as a sign of marriage is also a kind of violence. Then everybody discussed on independence of women from bad practices of Hinduism. There was one lady, who actually did not blame Hinduism, but accepted that her NGO gets fund just to blame Hinduism.

As I was being paid to act like a liberal secular Hindu speaker (Internally I was not ready to accept Hinduism was bad), I just allowed them to speak, who can say hundreds of bad words for Hinduism.

Time just went on. The same NGO was organising a big rally at Bhubaneswar, and I was invited to join them as a volunteer. Again, the matter was money. This time I was to get Rs.200 for a day. So, I joined without hesitation.  Again the intellectuals there were discussing how Ram was a bad husband, how Krishna was a characterless fellow etc. And I started to believe them. Slowly I started hating going to temples. These seculars fed this in my mind that, everything about Hinduism is bad.

Then, I had to do something in my life. So my parents asked me to do some professional course like CA, and I came to Chennai. There I joined a Russian Institute to learn Russian language. We were some ten students; one of them was Sujith, who had converted to Christianity recently. On the eve of Christmas, he invited me to visit his house, and I loved the invitation from an unknown friend. I thought, “would a fascist Hindu Brahmin ever call a Christian to celebrate Diwali ? Look at this Christian fella, how good he is.” I went to Church with him, celebrated Christmas with his parents, and spent the whole day just like a Christian. That day, when they questioned on Hinduism, I just repeated the words of secular Hindus, and blamed Hinduism as much as I could do. His father then invited me to leave Hinduism and to accept Christianity as the true path to God.

Till now, I had an impression that, one gets his religion by birth. First time I learned one can change his religion too. I found the idea very interesting. This was May 2004, when I left the religion of my ancestors, and became a Christian. My elder brother was to marry in June 2004, so I had to leave Chennai and come back home. My first attempt for CA inter was due in November 2004, so I had no other option then to stay at home. Meanwhile, the NGO asked me get prepared to go to Pakistan.

I was the happiest man now. I was to get my passport done by them, I was to get a flight ticket to visit a foreign nation, and all these without spending a rupee. I came to Bhubaneswar to get apply for passport. I had to stay a month at Bhubaneswar. I now disclosed the fact that I am no more a Hindu to one of my friends here, who in return arranged my meeting with a pastor. The pastor was very impressed with my change of faith and the arguments in its favour, he asked me to go to a Church at Dispur, and learn Christianity vis-à-vis Hinduism. It was January 2005, when I went to the Church at Dispur.

There I learned, how Hinduism is a fake religion, and Christianity is the only true religion. I was very active on Yahoo messenger then, and I used to have debates with Hindus on these matters. One day, I came across a devotee Hindu, who named himself as “Kaal Bhairab”. He just changed the way I used to see the world. One of his statement, hit there where it hurts more.
He said, “If I say your mother is a prostitute, because she slept with two other men without clothers other then your father, will you accept so, or you would have some second thought ?”
I said, “If you have evidence to prove, then I wont hesitate to accept my mother as a prostitute.”
He said, “I will present evidence that no one can deny.”
I said, “then I will accept.”
He said, “first man was her father, when she was a newly born baby, and second man was you, when you are a newly born baby.”
I said, “this is natural, how this proves an woman to be prostitute ?”
He said, “then why do you blame Hinduism without judging the facts vis-à-vis time ?”

This conversation with him opened my heart and mind to learn about Hinduism and Christianity deeply, and Kaal Bhairav along with some other learned persons helped me a lot in this regard. Now I started raising questions on bad practices and blind faith of Christianity too.

Once, the concept of “virgin birth” of Jesus was the topic of learning. Learned pastor said, “none other can claim such miracle to happen in the past. This was the first sign of Jesus being the child of God”.
I asked him about his views on Hanuman. The story of birth of Hanuman and Jesus are the same. Seed of Shiva, transmitted by god of Air, planted in the womb of Anjana. So, Anjana was a virgin mother. So was the mother of Jesus. He said, Ramayan is book of lies, without any evidence. So, the story of Hanuman is fake. I obeyed him this time. Later, the supporters Ramayan proved how Ramayan was a true account.

That was just a beginning. Now I started raising questions on every aspect of Christianity, and I found there is nothing extra in Christianity. They just mixed different characters of Hindu gods into one, and named it as Jesus. They copied virgin birth story from Hanuman, story of birth of Jesus and the situation around, like, the killing of all new born babies, from Krishna, they copied the story of traveller Jesus from Buddha, they copied the stories of miracles like, food to the poor from Krishna and Sudama, etc.

Its not only the stories, but they too copied the practices of Hinduism too. Lighting candles copied from lightening Deepa of Hinduism, use of bells while prayers and many more.

It was April 2005, and I felt like being cheated. By this time I knew how I was fooled by the secular Hindus. The secular Hindus killed the Hinduism in me, and Christians implanted Christianity. At the Church, I was asked not to observe any Hindu festivals, not to accept and Prasad from any Hindu., I was taught to hate India, ancient heroes of India,  culture of India, languages of India. And the secular Hindus were telling me that Hindus are too bad for not giving Prasad to Christians.

Then I came across Arya Samaj unit of Delhi. They welcomed me to learn Hinduism. They performed sudhi yagnya, and I became Hindu again. I came back home (Ghar wapsi). Later, I learned Sanskrit, and Rig Veda. By this time, I have realised that Hinduism is not a religion, it’s the nationality of every Indian. By religion, we may be Pauranik, Sanatani Vaidik, Arya samaji, Vaishanva, Shaiva, Sakta etc. Hinduism can not be a religion.

Hence today, when I see secular Hindus opposing Ghar wapsi of other Hindus, I feel pity on them. I believe Ghar Wapsi is the noblest thing to do. Gharwapsi is nothing but the process to make the misguided souls love the motherland, culture of the motherland, heros of motherland and most important to love the practice of our parents.