Thursday, November 21, 2013

Big Exposure : Modi and Sex Scandal

At the outset let me clarify that, I am a very small blogger, and don't know much about how to write a blog. (Perhaps this is the reason in spite of publishing blogs for more then 3 years I could not attract more number of viewers, :-( ,any way leave it.)

It was nothing, now a days I became so lazy that I left scrutinizing the news around me, and the result, I don't find any subject matter to write. 

But most important thing is, these advertisement sites have stopped paying me. These factors have increased pressure on me get more and more number of viewers.

Since last couple of days I was searching hard on Google about how to get into the lime light, and how to increase number of viewers. Bingo, I got the idea that write anything about Modi and one will become very popular. 

I was about to write something about Modi, but then I came across some news that, If one is praising Modi, then he will be damned by the intellectuals, even the Income Tax Department may initiate cases against him, or he may be arrested under 66A of IT Act. But if one writes anything even if lie against Modi, then he may get invitation from media as a guest, one may even get padma awards or a Rajya Sabha MP ticket too. 

So, I thought of writing a sensetional article against Modi. But you know its not easy for a small blogger like me to get something sensational, as I am too lazy (as said earlier).

So, I searched again in Google to know the hottest topics of discussions, and came to know that, now a days sex scandals starring the politicians, like Abhishek manu Singhvi's Judge Making show are more popular, and today sex scandal of a reporter came into picture.  And no one can deny that "Sex" and "Modi" are the most searched words in the web.

Hence I just thought of writing an article with this title.

But the problem started here from too. Again I searched Google, searched for the whole day, but not a single incidence came to my notice which I could have used in this blog. (so sad, what this man is ? When every member of Congress has a grand history of sex scandals, this man has nothing. Damned,)

Now, if you have reached upto here, then thank you very much for your contribution to increase the number of viewers of my blog. 

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Thank you once again.

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