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5 Reasons Why Modi Can't Win

Hello friends, If you have not read my previous blog, " Big exposure of Modi and sex scandals", read that once. If yes, then read it too.

Well, as you know, now a days I want to be more popular on the web, and there is no other option left with me than showing my hatred towards Modi. 

If you have seen the recent progress of some elite class people in India, the main factor is their hatred towards Modi and their Modi bashing articles.

There are many editors of newspapers who get crores of Rupees of donations to organize private functions, hosting someone like Musharraf from Pakistan who waged war against India, (in fact as per law of the land, he would have been in jail for this crime) and some one from Afghanistan who is founder of deadly terrorist organization named Taliban (as per law of the land and understanding of those 65 MPs, he should not have been given Visa to enter India), but a poor blogger like me hardly gets any appearance anywhere.

So I have decided to write only against and against Modi. This is my second article in this regard.

Lets start then (it may not be fun for those who think Modi is above criticism, so readers are requested to keep calm).

Here are the five reasons, for which Modi can't win any election (Its ok, he could manage wining in Gujrat, but Gujrat is not India you know ? Don't you believe me ? Then watch NDTV for a week, and you will realise, Pakistan is a friendly state and Gujrat is our enemy nation.) -

1. Modi does not mean Development - 

The Modi fan club always show the development side of him, but I strongly argue, the opposite. There have been no development during last 10 years of Modi rule in Gujrat. Development means which increases in Congress ruled states, like rape, murder, riots, unemployment etc. But Modi's Gujrat have noticed a decline in these parameters of development.

If all forgot, let me remind again, its Modi who is responsible of dengue in Delhi, for rising onion prices across India, rising salt price in Bihar.

And who can forget malnutrition in Gujrat ? (yeah yeah I know its highest in Amethi and Raebareli, but I have to write against Modi, so I will skip discussing about rest of India). With these shady figures, who can argue in support of Modi ?

So, this is the first and most important reason for which Modi can not win.

2.  Modi is Communal -

Second most Important reason for unability of Modi to win election is, he is communal. He divides the people of India. He is not suitable for the idea of India. (I am not talking about Idea cellular here, but if you can tag him here, it will be of great help. May be I can get some donation from them. Please please...)

Now what is the idea of India ? If you dont know, idea of India is to make India a Islamic state. Muslims should have first right on India, Muslims should get money on marriage, Muslims should be allowed to construct Islamic University at the heart of Holy sites of Hindus. But, Modi will not allow these to happen. When ever Modi speaks, he speaks about India first, but not about only and only Muslims.

Such a communal man he is, how can any Muslim vote for him ? And we the secular Hindus will never vote for this communal Modi. Secularism has taught us to keep quite on all atrocities on Hindus and Hinduism. But this man is disturbing our peace by allowing us to challenge their atrocities.

3. Modi is divisive -

The divisive nature of Modi is another important factor that will stop Modi to win elections. He divides the people of India amongst Nationalists and Anti-nationalists. And this is a crime according to our non-divisive leaders who are begging votes in the name of a particular religion or in the name of a particular caste, or language, or domicile. Our Chacha jaan, the first Prime Minister of India had set an example before us. To remain non-divisive, he divided the nation into two. Can we forget his sacrifice ? We can never. So how can we now allow some Modi to divide Indians on the basis of patriotism ? (The division should always be on the line of religion and caste you know, people of all religion and all caste can not come together to challenge the dynasty. If they do so, they will be divisive.)

4. Modi is not known outside Gujrat -

Modi is just a Chief Minister of a particular state, and people of rest of India really do not know about him, and can not accept him. (Now don't come to me, yes I am not from Gujrat, but know very well about him. But I may be an exception like those millions of right wing and left wing tweeples.)

Its not a problem if Modi can attract a large number of people to his rallies, they will not turn out to be his voters. Even Modi does not know history of India. He thinks Chandra Gupta was a ruler of Gupta dynasty, (Chandra Gupta Mourya is not from Gupta dynasty, I know. But I have to write against Modi, so will skip this part). he thinks ancient Taxsheela University was under the kingdom of Magadha (presently the capital of Magadha is in the modern state of Bihar). With such lack of basic common sense, how can people of other states accept him ?

5. Modi has blood in his hand

And last but not the least. Another major factor that is in the way of winning, is Modi is not just Modi. He has blood in his hand (like all of us). He is Mout ka saudagar, Hitler, Nazi, Fascist, Rat, Monkey, (and many more I just forgot. Such a large number of names, even the founder of these words for Modi can not memorize what they have said).

No other politician had killed such a large number of people as Modi did in 2002. (Common, don't remind me about Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi and riots of UP or Assam.) Even though the SIT formed by SC had given clean chit to Modi, we can not accept that Modi is innocent. (The rule says, for Congress, innocent even if proven guilty, and for Modi, guilty even if proven innocent).

Hence we will keep on saying about Gujrat 2002 (when a deadly riot erupted after some Congress leaders burnt alive Hindu kar sevaks inside a train) and blame Modi for killing of thousands of innocent humans (although it is less then a thousand, the word thousands have been used by intellectuals, so do I)

So, these are the five reasons for which Modi cant win election, forget about Modi, as per our most honest Arvind Kejriwal ji, even God can't help Modi.

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  1. From writing a post on y Modi can't win,hw hv U bcom a complete Modi devotee?! :-)