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Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste YV 40:9 and Understanding by Fanatics

Vedas are considered as divine by the Hindus, and according to them, these are "Apurusheya", meaning not a human creation. Hence some fanatics post some contents of  Vedas to justify their claims.

Whole the believers on earth say that God is one. This concept was first propounded by the Vedas. But looking at the temple worship traditions and the concept of Devatas, many followers of other religion claim now a days that worshiping these are against the concept of Vedas.

They site many reference from Vedas to show how worship through idols is prohibited as per Vedas. Very popular Quote is from the Yajurveda 40:9. But when we read the Mantras with a critical view, their claims fall flat.

Lets read the mantras to clear the doubt -

Yajurveda  - Chapter - 40

Mantra - 9
अन्धं तमः प्रविशन्ति येसंभूतीमुपसते |
ततो भूय ऽ इव ते तमो य ऽ उ संभुत्याः रताः ||

Those people enter into darkness, who worships only "Asambhuti", and those too enters into darkness who worship only "Sambhuti"

The critics say, "Sambhuti" means the Created objects like the idols, and "Asambhuti" means the natural objects like fire water etc.

Hence according to them, worshiping either the idols or the nature is against the teaching of Vedas.

But as we proceed towards the next two mantras, we can understand the real teaching of Vedas.

अन्य देवाहुः सम्भवादन्यदाहुरसम्भावात् |
इति शुश्रुम धीराणां ये नस्तद्विचचक्षिरे ||

We have heard from that Devata, who said the above (40:9) to us, that the effect of worshiping the "Sambhuti" has a different effect then worshiping the "Asambhuti".

संभूतिं  च विनाशं च यस्त द्वेदोभय सह | 
विनाशेन मृत्युं तीर्त्वा संभूत्यामृतमश्नुते ||

Hence know the art of "Sambhuti" as well as the "Vinash". With worshiping the art of Vinash, you can win over the death, and by worshiping the art of Sambhuti you can become immortal.

In Mantra-11, the word "Asambhuti" has been replaced by  the word "Vinash". It is the prove that the word Asambhuti means Vinash - Destruction, and Sambhuti means Creation.

Summary of above mantras - 

By knowing the causes of "Destruction", you can win over the death, and by knowing the causes of "Creation" you can become Immortal.

If ever we dont care for the real meaning of the mantras, Mantra-11, clearly says to worship both "sambhuti" and "Asambhuti".

If ever we take as granted the meaning of "Asambhuti" and "Sambhuti" to that of used by the fanatics, Mantra-11 clearly says to worship both.

The summary will be,

Mantra - 9
Don't worship Sambhuti or Asambhuti alone

The effects of Sambhuti are different from the effects of Asambhuti

Hence worship both Sambhuti and Asambhuti.


  1. So far this explanation seems the most plausible to me as it takes the context into account, that is 3 mantras are are compared. However, i would be grateful if the conclusion: Don't worship Sambhuti or Asambhuti alone, especially the word "alone" was further substantiated. Does "eva" in Mantra 9 = "iva"?

  2. I could not understand your question properly. If its regarding pronunciation, let me say, the word is इव , इ is pronounced as "E" of English.

    Rest if you want to know the meaning of this word, it means so, therefore, just, like etc...

    1. pls explain --- chap 7 verse 20 of bhagwad gita

  3. but Sambhuti means Collectiveness and Asambhuti means Individuality!!

  4. but Sambhuti means Collectiveness and Asambhuti means Individuality!!

  5. Those people enter into darkness, who worships only "Asambhuti", and those too enters into darkness who worship only "Sambhuti"

    Here "Only" word used, which change the meaning.

    In mantra 12 you used word "ONLY", put your hand your hart and say above translation is correct. Before saying thing what i am saying is correct.

    If students not paying attention on lecture they can not understand any thing, and if students not repeat his each days lecture they can not understand any thing. and in exam time what happen. they are getting problem to understanding, and they can not write any thing.

    "Jab Khuda(Bhagwan, Ishwar, our creator) ki Banai Huee Cheej ki Puja Hamain Darkness(Narak, Jahannum) main layjayegi, to hamari Banai Huya ka puja karan hamain to jayada darkness main le jayega" meaning was simple. aur dono ki puja karoge to kya hoga.

    Jab Khuda(Bhagwan, Ishwar, our creator) Khud ki banai huee cheej ki puja karne wale ko darkness main bhejega to hamari banai cheej ki ibadat karna kaise accept karega.

    Aur jo dono ki ibadat(Puja) karega uske liye bhi darkness.

    1. Yes my translations are correct. And use of the word "only" is as per the Vedic grammar.

      Second, read the mantra no 11, it clearly says worship both sambhuti and asambhuti.

      If you missed something, in mantra no-11, the word asambhuti has been replaced by "Vinasha".

      Taking these into consideration, your argument seems to be childish and lacks very basis of grammar.

    2. The "only" word is a word which has been used for the first time by you,MR.PADHI!what sanskrit word u had in mind while u wrote only??? In mantra 11,it never recommends worshipping both,it says,if u worship them u will be immortal.Souls are immortal.That is another case that whether they will be immortal in hell or heaven.

    3. By saying this you have proved yourself to be not only a fool, but also a moron. Have you ever checked any other translation of these mantras ? If you know Hindi, then check the translation by Gayatri Parivar here -

      See, the translation clearly says, "केवल" which means "only" in English.

    4. If you had a little knowledge of sanskrit then you would have known, "AsambhutiM" means Only Asambhuti.

    5. Regarding Mantra no-11, "Wining over death" and "be immortal" are not the same. By knowing the earlier you can save someone, and with later a race can survive till eternal.

      And worship is the source of knowledge. There is no hell or heaven here.

    6. Akhila Padhi: using intemperate language while explaining such things suggests that we are not fit to deal with such subject. Pl avoid using such harsh, imppolite words.

  6. mantra 12 mean mantra 9 in your web page.

    1. the actual verse says not to worship sambhuti or asambhuti alone, that means dont worship god alone or the fire, water, etc alone, hence we worship god with natural objects like fire (homa), water (abhishek), grass (abhishek), amont lot of things.

  7. Most ancient hindu scripture Veda is Rigu Veda, but people use to define or explain it according to justify their sin or current deeds then another vedas come in world but some clever person again explain these scripture for fulfilling their personal needs not to change the humanity then Upnishad come in existence it reform some how, but again misuse then further more books come in existence like.. Bhagwad gita, Bible, Koran, SatyarthPraksh and more. but as the human nature persons use to explain all these scripture as their need and justifying there ideology . Today no one want to know truth, only try to modify the truth for justifying his ideology and deeds
    Be free from all types of ideology first then study the holy books not their explanation (which is explained partially and modify as there need by the so called scholars)
    If you will search the same Yajurveda chapter 40(Isha Upnishad) on the net,
    you will get problem in finding the original text
    and you will find different different explanation of same text; why because we donot change our mentality according to scripture but want to modify the scripture meaning according to our ideology.
    How cheap we are!

    1. There needs to amend many of your ideas.
      1st - The most ancient Human literature are the Vedas. Vedas are not so called religious scriptures. These are pure knowledge.

      2nd - Rig Veda is not the ancient of other vedas, all the vedas came at the same time frame. Thats why we can find reference of Sam and Yajus in Rigs too.

      3rd Bhasya - what you said as explanation can be of 4 types, depending upon the stage of Selfrealization. Every time, when ever some people used these Bhasyas to suit their propogenda, the actual intention of Bhasyas were braught before notice. Hence so far as Vedas are concerned, this is purely an assumption.

      4th - You can find the exact IshaUpanishad (i.e. Ch 40 of Shukla Yajurveda Kanva Shakha, not of madhyandina Shakha), there will be no problem.

      5th Explanation or Bhasys depend upon understanding of the people, yes I agree with you what ever you said in this regard.
      But there is a Law of interpretation of Vedic texts. And this is, "ensure no contradiction in mantras". So unless one studies each and every mantra, and solves all deemed contradictions, he is not suitable to give a Bhasya.

    2. thanks Akhila for sharing the two following mantras ; 11 and 10.
      It appreciates the 9th.

      The mantra @9 , came in preview to me from the arguement fought over a youtube video

      where a muslim personnel said a Yur veda.... mentioned this mantra 9.

      But there was no reference to mantra 10 or 11, which i gues he hid to avoid him look bad.

      thanks again


  8. Ok Mr. Akhil....

    Mantra no 11 translation is in correct..

    just see this

    संभूतिं च विनाशं च यस्त द्वेदोभय सह |
    विनाशेन मृत्युं तीर्त्वा संभूत्यामृतमश्नुते ||

    Hence know the art of "Sambhuti" as well as the "Vinash". With worshiping the art of Vinash(GOD), you can win over the death, and by worshiping the art of Sambhuti(GOD)you can become immortal.

    Here the ART of Sambhuti and Asambhuti is mentioned, not bare sambhuti and asambhuti mentioned.

    -And we know the art of SAMBHUTI AND ASAMBHUTI refers to almighty GOD.

    If any query please comment and contact in my page in FB. (MD Mustafa)


    1. Read mantra 12 first and interpret it then go back to mantra 9 compare both

    2. writing (GOD) in braces beside Sambhuti and asambhuti respectively doesn't change their meaning to GOD.You see the world doesn't act according to your will always and those who think it does are fools

    3. I am just unable to understand, how "Sambhuti" in mantra no 9 becomes deities and in mantra no. 11 becomes GOD. Hence you need to review your comment again.

      Further, if you have read my article properly, you will find how the word "Asambhuti" of mantra-9 has been replaced with the word "Vinash" in mantra no 10 & 11.

      This is the evidence that "Asambhuti" = "Vinash, hence "Sambhuti" is opposite of "Vinasha".

      For rest, read the article again.

    4. Dear Akhila Padhi,You concluded that "worship both sambhuti and vinash".
      As you proved that the word "Asambhuti" has been replaced by the word "Vinash". It is the prove that the word Asambhuti means Vinash - Destruction.
      What do you mean by worshipping destruction?
      Isn't this statement of worshipping
      destruction sound's illogical.
      Please don't try to defy the truth
      by misinterpreting it in the way you wanted.
      Forget about the world.
      Atleast be truthful to yourself for Godsake.

  9. the translation is terribly wrong and so is its interpretation. you cannot fool the one who know sanskrit Himself/ Y do you think pandits have no chance speaking in front of Zakir naik because they themselves know the truth but just for busyness

    let us see:

    "They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements" (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). "They sink
    deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti."
    [Yajurveda 40:9]7

    We have heard from that Devata, who said the above (40:9) to us, that the effect of worshiping the "Sambhuti" has a different effect then worshiping the "Asambhuti".

    Hence know the art of "Sambhuti" as well as the "Vinash". With Vinash, you can win over the death, and by Sambhuti (creation) you can become immortal.

    In context it is saying know the art of vinash to protect yourself from enimy which is trying to kill you and also know the art of creation so that people will remember you (making you immortal in their minds) but do not worship created things or natural things lest you will enter into darkness which you already know from devta.

    1. Ohh, Zakir Naik invites only those who have absolutely no knowledge about Qur'an. For example- Pundit Mahendra Pal Arya openly challenges your Arabic dog Zakir in 2004, but he never ever dared to accept the challenge. However, the guru of Zakit- Dr. Tariq abdullah- dared to debate with Pundit Mahendra Pal Arya.. And Mahendra Pal Arya badly defeated Dr. Abdullah Tariq.. Now when pundit ji asks Zakir Nalayak for debate then he says pundit ji is doing for publicity. Ye link dekh jisane zakir ke guru ki g-and fat gayi..

    2. Please give me how the word asambhuthi from which dictionary is taken as "natural elements" and sambhuthi as idols?


  10. to all my muslim brothers.. please do not try to be master of vedas. Dr. Zakir Naik is partial, he is not libral or nutral. He is trying to manupilate the lines of holy books of vedas.

    atleast you all agree that sanatana dharma is the oldest. that means, The Bhagavanas that group of hindus pray was pre existing before respected mohammad paigambar.

    and in Quaran its mentioned that a muslim who says one of the 1lakh paigambars is not respected by him, he is not muslim.. so better you stay muslim, dont try to justify our faith is incorrect.

    we believe what we have learnt, and we are in no mood of unlearn it.. so, you stay in your corridor, and limits, and we stay in ours.. if you try to be extra smart and irrespective to our cultur, beliefs, and books, we are aryans, arya putras. You will not be able to difest the replies..

    so; be brother from another mother.. and respect and peace..

    to hindu brothers and sisters, Dr. Zakir naik's comments are to fool people who attend his seminar.. it has been proved, his references are not standing the chance.. he ia advertising Islam, its his job. let him do.

    thanks and regards,

    Jaymin!! Peace!!

    1. With all due respect, please can you give me the verse in the Qur'an which says not to disrespect even one of the 1 lakh paigambars. I don't remember one.

      But I know that we must believe in all messengers, but I don't remember the verse which you pointed out.


  11. Plz give me the name and address of the people who have become immortal who are living on the face of earth since ages by worshiping sambuti and asambuti both,

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This how I comprehended The third verse, which I consider to be correct:
    To win the death worship the "cause of destruction"(that must be the creator)
    To become immortal, worship the cause of sambhuti ie living things (that also must be the creator since He is ultimately the cause of Everything)
    So we can infer that we should worship the God as single entity!

    1. The third mantra says, "To win over death" and "to be immortal".
      Wining over death = saving an individual,
      Immortal= saving a race.
      By knowing the cause of creation, human will be able to create. This is the challenge to human being. This is basic of invention. Keeping the human race going.

  14. So sab immortals hue tumlog? Dono ki pooja karne wale b to marre hai? Why they re dying ? Why people worshipping both are not immortals? Why they still dying? Lol what u re explaining here? The false meaning or just confirming that whatever written there is the false and fake msg

    1. Yes, we are immortal. For us, this body is just a phase. We change our body, just like we change clothes (Sri Krishna said in Srimad Bhagvat Gita).
      The self is immortal, it can never be burnt, all killed by any weapon.
      Understanding the self is the ultimate goal of human life.
      Yes, I am immortal. Myself is immortal. What will perish is this body, not myself.

  15. Because if what u re saying is true then clearly its confirm that the message is veda are not correct at all cuz hell lots of people today worship bitg but still they re dying, they re not immortals, whats this? Does vedas saying are not correct? By the no offense? But do think twice before doing such things.. Lol its so funny

    1. If you had a little basic of Sanatana Dharma, you would never have posted such a foolish statement.
      From the language, its clear that you are a bloody Jehadi, who believes killing others will give you 72 hoors. follower of the ideology that believes in killing and killing alone.
      But just for your general knowledge,
      according to Sanatana Dharma, we are immortal. Its the body that dies. After that the self will acquire another body. We change body as we change clothes.
      Understanding the self is the ultimate goal of human life. Understand the immortal self, is the meaning of this mantra.
      As a Jehadi, you may kill my body, but not my immortal self.

    2. Dear Akhila Padhi,It seems that you have misconception about meaning of jihad.

      Jihad basically means to strive or struggle hard.
      It may be anything like jihad against your desire , jihad in your studies , jihad in defending the religion against who are threat to religion and not and never-"killing of innocent human beings,trees,children and women." , jihad in research , jihad in sports etc.

      Jihad technically translated to English just means "to struggle".
      One can struggle in anything

      In Islam if one has killed a single "innocent" human being then it is as though he has killed whole of humanity.

  16. Hello Touseef here,
    You have quote wrong translation of each verses only to justify Idol worship. I have searched other websites No where the translation is same as yours.
    Check this :

    ek to no one created a proper website for your main scripture where we can read each verses idk why.No hindu has proper knowledge kya?
    Our quran is on many authentic websites, Even bible verse by verse.
    Why not veda?

  17. And how will you explain bhagwat geeta chapter 7 verse 20 which says:
    "Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires, they worship demigods"

    1. I think u don't know the difference between a god nd a demigod. God is the one that has no one but himself beyond him nd in Hinduism brahman is the supreme one with its 3 menifestations of brahma vishnu mahesh. Demigods are beings like humans but more advanced nd powerful with divine powers who play subordinates to the three physical firms of brahman.
      So he states that those who worship my subordinates can only have their material desires fulfilled but cannot escape the maya as only i am capable of that not my subordinates.
      So it is not condemning idol worship or demigod worship but saying that one may only pass the chakra of life and death i.e maya by worshipping me the brahman or its forms

  18. And even if you explain the above verse somehow to justify idol worship . What about these verses:
    1.Svetasvatara Upanishad 6:9
    2.Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:19
    3.yajurveda 32:3
    4.Rigveda 1:164:46
    5.Rigveda 8:1:1
    6.Rigveda 6:46:16

    You can't justify truth with falsehood. Your scripters are telling you to not worship idols, Accept it and don't do it.

    1. What do you want to prove by this- svetasvatara 6:9-He has no master in this world, no ruler, nor is there any symbol for Him. He is the cause, the cause of all the causes. He has no father or controller above Him
      न तस्य कश्चित् पतिरस्ति लोके न चेशिता नैव च तस्य लिङ्गम् ।
      स कारणं करणाधिपाधिपो न चास्य कश्चिज्जनिता न चाधिपः ॥९॥

      इस विश्व में कोई भी तो , उस विश्व पति का पति नहीं ,
      वही कारणों का परम कारण , कोई भी अधिपति नहीं.
      करुणाधिपाधिप ब्रह्म है, वही एक जग का साध्य है,
      नहीं जनक उसका कोई भी , वही जग पिता आराध्य है॥ [ ९ ]
      Where is idol worship condemned plz

    2. Nd plz x plain ur piggish agenga here too- svetasvatara 4:19-No one can catch hold of Him either from above, or across, or in the middle. There is no likeness of Him. His name is Great Glory (Mahad Yasah).

      That Paramatman who has been described in various ways in the previous Mantras cannot be caught hold of or cannot be grasped in whatever manner one may try because He is entirely beyond grasp. When Sastras talk of knowing Him it only means realizing Him through personal experience. Such a realized soul too cannot express Him through words because mind and speech cannot reach there. This Upanishad in chapter 6 and the Mundaka and Katha Upanishads say “Him the sun does not illumine, nor the moon, nor the stars, nor the lightning–nor, verily, fires kindled upon the earth. He is the one light that gives light to all. He shining, everything shines”. He is absolutely different from physical objects which can be understood or grasped. His name is Mahad yasah (far beyond and above everything) and His fame is spread all over. He is without a match and none can equal Him. To say anything about Him is to limit the unlimited. Even then, this Upanishad emphasizes the personal aspect of the transcendent God. He is siva to whom we turn in prayer and praise.

  19. Akhila Padhi where are you respond to Arman views .
    Your translation doesn't match with other site.

  20. Just listen to "Sadhguru" and experience the life and reality
    through yoga and meditation 😇... Sadhguru seems to have the abilities to give comparatively the most logical and sensible explanation of all confusion of our lives and show you the most logical and peaceful way how to be a seeker of the truth and happiness. Instead of believing something which we actually didn't experience ourselves and wasting our valuable time arguing and fighting by showing the reference of those controversial scriptures like a dishonest arrogant fool, we should honestly and humbly learn to accept what we don't know properly that we don't know and be peaceful and meditative which will eventually help us to discover the true reality of our lives and give us a better insight about what is actually right or wrong way to lead our lives ... 😊 😇

    1. Main point is that, We all the human possess the ability to discover by ourselves the true meaning and reality of those written knowledge of the scriptures, if we are willing to turn inwards by being meditative.. We should peacefully experience the life as it is, without making our mind confused and chaotic by blindly following and waste our time trying to prove something controversial which we ourselves exactly don't know. Just be a true seeker and experience the beauty of life, not a believer of what we don't know being manipulated by anyone just because they are advertising their corrupted belief system in the name of God. If we want to feel and experience the True Creator of all these creations, we should first try to experience our own lives. Sambhuti or Ashambhuti- what should be worshipped, what is wrong or right way of living as a proper human, those all confusions can be solved by just being meditative and turning inward.....

  21. What about this mantra

    Na tas ye partimah aasti, yes ye naama mahad yaasha.

    Translation: God does not have any image and taking his name is enough for believers.

    According to this there is no prathima( 3d image, image) of God.

  22. no use of explaining this minds which become demise by worshiping demigods only can pray to god to show them write path and enlighten to this minds.

  23. Haan u r wright let them wonder until almighty Allah show thm a write path