Thursday, August 9, 2012

Illegitimate UPA

Recently in the Parliament, all the legitimate members got angry over the remark of the Veteran MP of BJP Sh. Lal Krishna Advani.

He described the present UPA-II Government as Illegitimate. But soon after he changed his mind and removed the remark from the records.

He was actually speaking about the recent riot of Assam that killed more then 70 lifes most of them are being Hindus.

I was thinking how a word is so disturbing that the whole of the MPs of the rulling side rose up against the remark lead by the UPA chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi ? 

I am unable to understand where was Advani wrong in his comment ?

A Government that cries for killing of terrorists in Batlahouse encounter, but not on the killing of more than a hundred people by the terrorists in 26/11, is it a legitimate Government ?

A Government that announces to give compensation to Muslim suspects of terrorism, but not those who are killed by the terrorists, is it a legitimate Government ?

How can I accept the Government is legitimate, which provides citizenship to a Pornstar within a day, but a man who is born and brought up in India is not Indian Citizen just because he speaks against corruption ?

Is this Government legitimate that won because of the votes of the illegal immigrants who are killing the local Indians ?

A Government that destroys well constructed temples in the name of development, but allows to construct a Mosque at the site of construction and Government Occupied Land, how can be legitimate ?

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