Saturday, September 14, 2013

Conquer The World

Bharat !
The nation that stood against all odds. Thousands of years of slavery could not take away her culture, her philosophy from her. She still holds tight the civilization that is oldest in the history of mankind, it still holds the literature that are the oldest. Yet, the nation is under misery.

The nation that once produced great warriors like Chandra Gupta Mourya or puru, who could stop the great King of Greek from entering India, had to face slavery for thousand years. Even after 67 years of independence she is crying for a brave child.

The nation that once produced great strategist like Chanakya, who was the instrument to stop the winability of Alexander, had to face slavery of thousand years. Even after 67 years of independence, she is crying for such a wise child.

Today, China intrudes into our land when ever it wants, and the ruler is silent and dare not to answer. Pakistan, who are none other then our brothers, is killing our brave soldiers, and the ruler do not have a strategy to face the challenge.

These are not alone the problems, these are just few to name. One way our farmers are committing suicide, our people are going to gulf countries or other countries as labour, on the other hand we are importing goods into India and forcing ourselves to be slaves again of some one else.

This fate of this great nation gives me imminence pain to my heart. And I am not alone who feels this pain. Nor this is the only era in which we are feeling so.

Hundred and fifty years ago, a man took birth in this holy land, you thought of the similar fate of this nation. Hence he arose, and marched the length and breadth of this nation to tell the youth to arise and awake.  A great saint, a great philosopher and a devotee child of this great nation.

That man visited the United states of America and the land of English, at a time when the English were the ruler of this land. It was some hundred and twenty years ago. He noticed, the east is east and west is west.

In the west, religion is mixed with one's prosperity. If one is begger, he must have committed sin. But in the east, begging was one of the most noble persons profession. This is what astonished the whole world. He learnt one thing, the world is waiting eagerly for some one who can unleash the legend within.

At that time he could understand, that if we want to survive as a nation, we must conquer the world. In his words,

"India must conquer the world, and nothing less than that is my ideal. It may be very big, it may astonish many of you, but it is so. We must conquer the world or die. There is no other alternative. The sign of life is to expansion. We must go out, expand, show life, or degrade, fester and die."

One thing he noticed in human behavior is that, men tends to quarrel. There are internal quarrel in foreign lands too, and to stop these internal quarrels, they start fighting with other nations. And then the patriotism run into their vein and they stop quarreling each other.

We too have internal quarrels, and the best way to stop these is to fight with other nations. The fight that I express is not with the guns or with the arms, this is the war of sharing knowledge. Lets fight with the world, and share the knowledge preserved in us, before any one else comes with the same. Lets compete with the world. This was the call from the great saint, who was born to this mother land one hundred and fifty years ago.

The saint understood the very phenomena of success of brotherhood and very secret of prosperity. He says,
"Secret of life is to give and take. Are we to take always, to sit at the feet of the westerners to learn everything ? We can learn mechanism from them, we can learn many other things, but we have to teach them something. And that is the knowledge discovered by our ancestors, our religion our philosophy."

We talk here, we quarrel with each other, we laugh and ridicule everything sacred, till it has become almost a national  vice to ridicule everything holy. And the whole world is waiting for some one to express the secrets of these holy scriptures, secret of life as a Bharatiya, secret of life of a Hindu, who is happy even without a penny in his pocket. The world is waiting for some one. 

Lets not be student always, be the teachers. Teach what we are best in teaching. There can not be friendship without equality, and there can not be equality when one party is always the teacher and other party is always the student. If we want to be equal with the English or the french, we must be able to teach as well as learn, and the saint said, we have a great treasure of knowledge to teach the west for centuries to come.

"Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached. Young men of Bharat, arise for the time propitious. Be bold and fear not. We have to become fearless, and the task will be done. Arise, awake for your country needs this tremendous sacrifice." said the saint.

The saint continued, 

"In other parts of the world there is money. But enthusiasm is only in my motherland. There for arise awake oh countrymen, with enthusiasm in your blood. Think not that you are poor. Who ever saw money make the man ? Its always the man that makes money. The whole world has been made by the energy of the men, by the power of enthusiasm, by the power of faith."

Upanishads form an integral part of culture of India. There is one famous Upanishad, the great man sites, the Katha upanishad. The story of Nachiketa, many may have in memory.

What we learned from this Upanishad ?

We find Nachiketa telling himself, "I am superior to many. I am inferior to few, but nowhere I am the last. I can also do something."

And his boldness increased, and he determined to solve the problems that often comes to his mind, the problem of death. The answer could be obtained nothing other than from the house of death. And the child with Shradha in heart and with fearlessness, marched ahead, waited at the gate of death for three days and three nights.

Do we have such commitment, such shradha, such fearlessness in us today ? The misery of this land is for lack of this shradha in us today, lack of this fearlessness in us today. Lets regain the power of Shradha, lets be brave, for the sake of our future generations to come, for ourselves, for this motherland.

Believe me, what differentiates two man is this shradha, some one is great and other is not because of the level of shradha in them, thus said the great man,

"He who thinks himself weak, will become weak, and thats true."

He continued,

"This Shradha is what I want, and all of us here want, this faith in ourselves, and before you is the great task to get the faith. Giveup the awful disease that is creeping into our national blood, that idea of ridiculing everything, that loss of seriousness. Give that up. Be strong, and have this shradha, and everything else is bound to follow."

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