Thursday, August 22, 2013

All is Well

In the movie "Border" there is a famous scene, where a fauji gets a letter from his wife, who describes all the problems and at the end writes every thing is fine. If we critically watch the scene, we can understand that there was no hope left for his family, parents are ill, son is ill, cows (source of money) was dead, the house was trembling. But just to keep the hope, she wrote, "every thing is fine."

Similarly in the movie "3 Idiots" the dialogue that became famous was "All is well". One should appreciate the logic explained. "By saying All is well, the problem will not get solved, but one can get the courage to solve the problem".

The same thing perhaps the Indians are doing now a days. Recently She celebrated its 66th year of Independence from the British. On this auspicious event the Prime Minister of India climbed up the Red Fort (as per tradition set by the 1st PM of India) and listed out all the problems, and at the end said "every thing is fine".

It was not the 1st instance. Earlier too while supporting the FDI in Retail sector, the PM had said, "money does not grow in trees" and at the end said "Theek Hai" .

But the problems that are being faced by India today seems to be out of control of the Prime Minister. So at best he can only say "All is well".

But as a citizen of India, we should know the present problem India is facing and their solutions. Here I tried to list some of them -

1. Inflation -
    The PM of India is considered as one of the good Economists of the World. In the year 2009, he promised to get the inflation under control within 100 days. Now its the 5th year running, and he could not get any answer to this rising price rise. This is the worst problem that we are facing today. The value of our investment is decreasing, income from our investments is decreasing, we have to pay more for the products. Overall impact is more and more people are becoming poor for this problem.

2. Weak Rupee - 
     The value of Rupee is reducing in a very fast speed in international currency market. Today to get one USD, we need to pay Rs.65.50, and world wide all the Economists predict Rupee may deteriorate more if the Govt fails to take adequate measures.

With the weak Rupees in international market, we need to pay more for our imports. As we know, India imports almost every thing, starting from medicines, petroleum to huge defense weapons. Now we have to pay more for the same, and  the money required will be collected from the tax payers. The additional pressure may result increase in Petrol and diesel prices, that will again increase the inflation.

3. Aggressive China
    Recently China has became very aggressive and intruded inside Indian Territory very often. It happened in Laddakh, Leh, Uttarakhand and recently in Arunachal Pradesh. But neither the Govt, nor the media thinks it as a problem. For them stopping Modi to enter Delhi is more important then stopping China to enter in India.

4. Killer Pakistan
    Recently the Pakistan Army violated cease fire many a times, once it beheaded two Indian soldiers, once it killed a civilian, recently killed 5 officers. And firing of bullets from Pakistan side is continuing. Instead of allowing the Army to reply, Govt has asked them to keep quite. Most irritating situation was, the Defense Minister instead of blaming Pakistan, says some terrorists in the uniform of Pak Military killed Indian soldiers.

5. Fearless Criminals
    In the recent times, if some one became fearless are the criminals, they kill, rape, loot, but the Govt is silent, Because it fears of losing votes.

6. Corruption
    Corruption has now became an honorary term for the rulling party. If one is corrupt, he will surely get promotion. All major cases of corruption in Independent India have been noticed in this rein of Govt. You name any area, and there will be a scam done by this Govt, be it related to earth (Vadra land scam, Adarsh Scam), or water (Irrigation Scam), or air (2G) or sports (CWG) or mines (Coalgate), whats most interesting is the Investigation Agency i.e. CBI. First it says no need to investigate, when Supreme Court intervenes, it discloses the investigating facts to the corrupts, when denied to do the same by Supreme Court, it vetted the investigation report by the Corrupt, when again denied by the Supreme Court, it said the files are missing.

These are just few to name, apart from these, there are a number of threats that we are facing today, be it communal disharmony, or killing of minorities in Jammu or gunda raj in UP etc. But the only problem that this Goverment and the Media see is Narendra Modi. And the only hope that Indians see is Narendra Modi.

So, there are surely many people, who inspite of all these problems just say "all is well", because 2014 is not very far, and once we get rid of this Government, may be "All will be well".

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