Friday, January 28, 2011

Why RSS and BJP to be supported

When ever I see a news on TV channels and News Papers, I find that RSS and BJP are charged for being nonsecular. I don't understand what secularism is ? 

Is secularism means supporting demolition of temples and opposing demolition of Masjids ? Is secularism is to kick out the Hindu Minorities and suppressing the Hindu majorities ??

What is secularism in India ???

This question again came to mind after the incidence in Delhi during the last week.

Some days ago, a Mosque at Jangpura was demolished by the CPWD. Before the demolition to start, all the belongings that are respected by the Muslims are safely moved to another place. But all the so called secular parties opposed this demolition. And opposed by BJP too.

After a day, a Jagannath Temple was demolished at Pushp Vihar by the same authorities. Before demolition, even the priest was not allowed to shift the deities. And after demolition the deities were lying on the road for a week. But except RSS and BJP, no political party opposed this situation.

I don't say that demolition was wrong. I believe, any illegal construction to be demolished, including the Mosque and temples. But the mindset of the person who demolished the temple  hurt me.

The ideal situation would have been to allow the priest to shift the deities to a better place. Surprisingly, the so called secular parties don't see any bad in this action of the Authorities.
The media too, did not cover the story, thinking this might create communal disharmony. But the history of India says that Hindus never created violence for such activities. 
End of all the discussions, the people will reach at Gujrat for Post Godhra incidence. But they will forget what happened at Godhra. 

It was not the only communal violence in India, there were many, including the attacks on Sikhs. But these stories are not important because these attacks were on Hindus.

Is this secularism ??

One day a lady said that for the RSS people, Muslims are like Asuras. I am sure she has never been to any RSS Sakhas. If she has been there at least once, she had never said this statement.

RSS never said Islam is wrong, It expresses its anger for the Muslims in India in a peaceful manner, not like the SIMI or IM. There are muslim members too in RSS. I ask that lady to talk with those members once and understand what RSS says.

RSS claims a Ram Temple at Ayodhya. And this is a 500 year long battle of Hindus. 

RSS claims the Act to be amended that separated Kashmir from other part of India, and for return of the Pundits to their birth place.

That is why I support RSS and BJP, and they are to be supported for being the only secular party in true sense. 

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