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Yesterday, me and one more friend were discussing on some topics, and she threw a topic for debate, " Is religion important ? " She is not at all happy with the Hindu beliefs, and according to her this is the worst religion for her. Another person who was present there said, "for Christians Jesus is a role model, that is what drag them to believe it." And my friend and one more person to support her said they don't find any such role model in Hindu belief.

I was surprised, the ancient religion does not have any role model !!! For me Prabhu Ram is the role model, and I want to follow what he said. When I asked is not He a role model ? I got the reply that he is the worst of all others.

I was not angry on this statement, but tried to know why they like that. There are many a statements of Prabhu Ram that attracts me, and people find problems in that too. 
Their basic problem is two pillars of Hindu philosophy, Caste  system and the concept of Individuality. I don't want to repeat about my views regarding Caste system, but want to add some thing to it.

To understand why the caste system is in this face today, we have to reach at its origin. 

India is the first land to establish cities in the world, and Historians found that the Iron Age came first in India. Perhaps this is the time, when requirement for different profession arose. And the world follows this concept even today. 

Every country has got one constitution, that must not be violated in any case, an assembly to make rules, courts to follow the rules, armed forces to protect the law and order, teachers to make people aware, businessmen to create wealth to run the country, and lastly the people at large to serve those who are associated in doing the above tasks. The Hindu philosophy classifies them into four classes, Brahman who make laws, and teaches the society to make them aware, Kshtriya to protect the law and order, Baishya to make wealth and Sudras to serve the above people. 

Every where the servants are poorer then the others every where on this earth. The politicians who are associated with running the Government are rich and always charged of corruption charges, the advocates who are responsible to give justice are always charged of corruption everywhere. 

If the so called highly educated society too have this sort of discrimination, then think, what would have been happened some five thousand years ago when every body was illiterate. 

One thing that has to be praised is that the Hindus included the concept of Economics studies with the religious belief, people say this is bad because of the present scenario. What is to be blamed is how people who were given the charge to create awareness failed to make money for them, not the caste system, because it was need of that time. But today the economy has changed, and the caste system is of no importance. 

If we have to classify the present professions according to the classes said in Manu Smriti, the advocates and teachers are brahmins, politicians, and armed forces are Kshyatriya, all the business men are Baishyas, and rest all are sudras, including the IAS officers, and me too. 

Next objection that was raised that time was that the Hindus were always busy in attacking others territories. I cant understand how they got this view. May be they don't understand the concept of war according to Hindu Rules. 

There were two reasons to be fulfilled before attacking a country according to the statements of Prabhu Krishna. 1st, the king must be cruel to the people, 2nd king is anxious to attack other kingdoms. And there were some rules to be followed during the war as mentioned in Vedas, the war has to be fought at some barren land away from the villages, no war activities to be carried out after sun set and before sun rise, at the end of each day, all the soldiers who were killed shall be handed over to their relatives, there will be no war prisons except the king of the losing state. 

Just imagine, the concepts that were not even accepted by any people even after second world war were accepted by the Hindus some five thousand years ago. This is because Hindu stands for peace, happiness. It is the Hindu concept that says war is the last weapon. 

I am proud of being Hindu for the source of it. If today it is not in that form then the problem is with those persons who were given the task to manage, we have to create checks in this system and more vigil.

The wider concept of Hindu philosophy is that one can call for a debate on any Hindu philosophy including the God, that has not been allowed by any other religion, if you are not accepting that one as God, then you don't belong to that religion. 

Another good thing in this religion is that this religion was never preached, like all other religions.

Perhaps these are the good reasons for which the belief still exist on this earth. It took the Islam to be spread all over the world only 50 years, and Christianity only 100 years, but a long 7oo years rule of Muslims and Christians (I believe English, Portuguese are Christian Rulers), could never damage the Hindu pillars. There must be some good, in this beliefs, otherwise when the Hind Kings lost the war, how the people at large were not ??

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