Thursday, December 23, 2010

Manager v/s Leader

Today I was reading a book "Who moved my cheese". Its a very nice book, that tries to identify the reaction of human towards change, and classifies every human in four classes. 1st those who find new ways, 2nd who follow the ways found by the 1st one. 3rd who does not anticipate change, but move in accordance with the change, and 4th those who never change and can't accept the change. 

 After reading the book twice and thrice, I asked the question to myself, what is my nature ? 
One thing that I noticed in me is that I possess all the characters. Some times I behave like the 1st one, and keep on searching for new in my life, some times I don't search for the new, but follow and appraise the new. Some times don't want to change, but accommodate change easily. Some times just can't change myself, what ever I do. And I believe, we all possess the same characters. 

But the point is how often we react in a particular manner. I mostly behave like the 1st one, always search for the new around me. Next to that I behave like the 3rd one, and just keep on moving. 

I believe these are the characters that differentiate between Leader and a manager. The characters that make you do a routine work efficiently and keep on moving with the change is what management and the characters that make you find better ways and better destinations around is what leadership.

Now we all know both these elements are necessary, but management is required to maintain the growth and leadership is required to bring the growth. That is why the country is run by leaders and not managers.

I have seen many authors while discussing about these two terms, show leadership superior to management. I don't say that I don't agree with them, but I say that I don't understand them. 

I argued with many friends regarding this, and many a times with me too, and I reached at a point that says, both are equally important, without the leadership quality one can not manage, and with out the management ability one can not lead.

So keep on moving and not alone, but with everyone around you, it is the combined quality of leadership and management. 

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