Monday, November 22, 2010


It was Saturday, in the month of October. There had been a little rain due to depression in the Bay of Bengal, and there was chances of more rain. The time was around 7 in the evening, so I was  in a hurry to reach home. I saw a man lying on the road, crying with pain.I stopped a while to see his problem. 

First I thought he might be drunk, but saw he has some other problem. To get rescue from the rain, he stood under a tree, and it was his fate I think, an electric pole standing adjacent to it bent a little, the electric wires touched the tree, and this man got a shock. His body was half burnt, and I thought if I can get him to the hospital, his life can be saved. 

I could not do that alone, because I had one bike, and that man was not able to control himself. So I was searching for another man, who can help me out. I tried for almost five to ten minutes, asked each man passing on that road to help, but nobody came out. One man said that there is a residence of a doctor near by, and he is practicing from that residence, I rushed to him but a man standing outside, said to meet him one needs to stand in a queue, take the token, and wait for the turn to come. I said him about the person, and requested him to ask the doctor if he can help him without making me wait in the queue, but he was not in a mood to listen,. Some other people standing there asked me the entire story, I said them the fact with a hope that at least one man will come forward to help him. 

But nobody came. One man suggested to go to the auto stand, and get an auto, and I thought it was really a good idea, and I reached at the auto stand within a minute. There were two autos. I said them the entire story, and asked them to help. They suggested me to go home, because it may bring problem for me. I said them,. to help me to get that person to the hospital, I wont say to the officials who you are. But the same, no one was ready to come. 

By the entire process, an hour had passed. I came back to that person, went close to him, dragged him to the nearer stall that was closed, so that he can be saved from rain, saw him for the last time, and came back home.

I could not sleep for the entire night. I was thinking one thing, if only one man could help. Next morning, I rushed to him, thinking if he is alive, I may get a man today to help him. When I reached there, I saw a huge crowd there. Asked the people around about the matter. One man said a man died at the stall. Another man said, he saw that man last night, if some body could take him to the hospital he could have been saved. This words made me furious, I asked him, "why you said 'some body' ? why not you ? If you saw him last night, you should have helped him ?" All the people standing there were saying the same thing, some body could help. 

I did not say that I tried for that. 


  1. Akhila i wish i could have been there to help you.well dont worry people wont change and u should also not change yourself .(ROSHAN)

  2. Hm.... Dont knw.... I dont wanna b changed. Thanx buddy.