Wednesday, October 27, 2010


At last we ended up today, in last twenty odd days, we were twenty five peoples meeting together and spending our time under one roof. In these days, we learned many a things, and tried a lot to understand those things, and may we try in future to practice them in our life too.

In these days, we presented ourselves as friends of each other. While leaving, we promised each other to remain in contact. Some asked the contact numbers of others and saved in their mobile phones, some asked for the email ids and wrote on a piece of paper.  The day ended, now all will be at their homes, some are available on Facebook, some are on orkut etc. 

Now I am thinking can friends be made in such a short span of life ?

when I was coming to Kolkata, I was thinking, there I will get some one or the the other who will be in touch with me for ever, I will get some one with whom I will be moving around and enjoy. And I was very excited for this.

When I was going to the Venue of the program, I saw one man asking for the address of the same venue to some other person, I said him, I know the place, come with me, and we both smiled at each other, and knew that we both are going for the same cause. 

Reaching at the venue, I saw two other persons, and we started talking. When we entered into the room, I saw a lady from Odisha, and talked to her a little. 

After that, each day, I started talking with one more persons there, and within the first five days, I had been talked with every one. 

Later after a day or two, I went to Esplanade with two of them, and really I enjoyed their company that day. After a day more, we have been to Sparkz and it was a great feeling with all of them. Although only twelve had been attended, but the time was great. 

In this process, we came closer to each other, now afraid of the closure of the relations with them. Today was the last day with them, tomorrow, I am leaving Kolkata, don't know when I will be back to this place, even if I come some day, don't know I will find any of them or not. So, it is almost impossible to meet again with them, though if there will b a plan, we can, but not sure such plan will ever made.

The people, who were with me from child hood and remained for a long period of twenty years, are not in contact now a days, don't know whether these guys will be ?

But there is some thing in the world that makes us alive irrespective of all sorrows around, and that is hope.. I hope we remain friends for ever...

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