Friday, October 22, 2010

Friends are worth Missing....

In my life, I got many friends, starting from my primary school, Middle School, High School, College, CA course and finally on profession. I had a very good time with them, some times we played together, some times we studied together, some times we shared our thoughts, some times laughed together. All the times with the friends were really the happiest moments, now when I sit alone, miss them a lot.

I don't know about others, but its just impossible for me to live with out friends. I feel nervous when alone. I feel very hungry, go to the main road, move around the restaurants, but don't dare to go inside and ask for some thing to eat, but when I am with friends, I take him to the restaurants and ask for both. 

This is just an example, I face this sort of problem every where. I tried to understand the reason behind it. One reason that I can understand is,  at every step I had some one as my company, and I was never left alone. Today I face the problem for that.

During my primary school, I had a friend, with whom I used to fight almost every day, but the next day morning we used to forget everything and start afresh. We used to play together, study together. But when I passed the primary school and joined Middle school, our relation became a little faded. Then I got some new friends, but none of them were that close. 

After the middle school, in the High School, I got some new friends, and got closer to the older friends. This is the time when I made a number of friends, some in NCC, some for playing cricket, some at the Classes. And I was able to maintain a balance amongst all of them.

All those friends of High school, joined in Science stream after class tenth, and I joined in Commerce, then came a new era of friends. Again I had three to four groups of friends, the older friends with whom I used to play, friends who were residing in the same locality, friends of commerce classes, etc. And I was able to give time to all of them and a very good time with them.

After B.Com, I joined the professional courses, and got closer to very less number of friends. This is the time when I really started losing the  friends. The friends with whom I was playing cricket, joined their jobs. Friends of the locality too left either for higher studies or job, and it was not possible to contact them, because neither the phone call charges nor the internet charges are affordable for us. 

Then the time came for me to left the town, I had been to all the zones of India. But where ever I had been, I made very good friends, who helped me a lot. But I could not retain them. 

Some of the finest friends I got at Delhi. The number goes to almost twelve, and all of them helped me in some or the other ways. This time I got the chance to contact them over the internet as it was freely available to all of us, started chat over messages, as it got cheaper. Then came the orkut age, that helped to get the older friends back.

Now when I remember the time at Delhi, I some times feel great of getting such sort of friends and some times feel very bad for those friends. At Delhi I really understood the real meaning of friendship, and miss them a lot.

But a great man once said, " If you are missing a friend, you are very lucky to get a friend worth missing." Really I am very lucky to get such wonderful friends in my life. But not very lucky to retain them. I wish they come back in my life again.


  1. Hi Akhilapadhi
    if ur wish is from ur heart then i m very much sure, dafinatley they will come back and enter in ur life again.

  2. Hi Akhila,

    Better to inclde me also in the list of your friends at delhi....coz I guess I was the one who fought with you every day and the haq banta hai....