Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have some thing in my mind, but don't know how to express. I am thinking for three days, but can't decide what should be the title. Yesterday I was thinking of writing about it, but forgot to write.

Day before yesterday, at lunch time, we were four or five friends together. One of us Mr. Abdul show us copy of an FIR filed by him because he lost his Phone. An other friend said, there is no need to file an FIR, one can get a duplicate sim for the same number and he gave his example.

Mr. Abdul asked him, "What is your Name ?"
He replied, " .... Sharma" (I don't recall his name properly)
Then Mr. Abdul said, " Thats why. If I ll say I am Abdul, he will start questioning me and it will harassment for me."

We all laughed at his words, and some body said, "My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist"

But the statement was very serious one. I don't know the real fact, but what he said if it is true, then how can we say that we are secular ?

He raised many questions, one of which I believe very bad is the fear amongst one community that they may face problems if they don't have proper evidences. And the other is the security personnels don't believe that persons of one community are not worth to believe.

There are many reasons for this date, no body can claim that this is because they are in minority in India, because this is the case all around the earth. The basic reason behind is that we judge the people by his name or his appearance, not by his deeds.

This situation should change.

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