Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Human Nature

Today, I was feeling a little fever, so came home early. Tried to sleep, but could not sleep. And really had no other time pass, so opened facebook and waited for friends to come. For an hour or more, I was sitting idle, then I got one message from some unknown person. It was a friends request. His profile name tempted me, it was "Akhand Hindu Rashtra". Great Concept. I saw him online, so called him to chat on gtalk, said I have many doubts, may we discuss a little. He agreed and we started chat.

I asked what is the concept behind "Akhand Hindu Rashtra" ? He in return asked me, " Are you really want to know or want an argument on it ?" I was thinking what to answer, then replied," I have one concept, but don't know whether that is right or wrong, so I want to share some words on it."

He started saying,
        " Some five thousand or more years ago, the Land from Afganistan in the North to Srilanka in the South was a single country, that we say in Hindi, Rashtra. In the age of Ramayana and Mahabharat the total land has been described. The people of this land were Hindu. But later, Muslims from Central Asea attacked the Land, and later the Britishers divided the land into various countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibat and Burma. I am of the concept that this entire land should become one land again and should be ruled by the Hindus."

I replied, " I have not read the Holy epics, but saw the program  in the TV, and one thing that I understood that the entire land was not under a single ruler at any point of time, neither during the vedic age nor during the Muslims rules and nor again the British Rules. So how can we saw that the entire land was a single country ?"

There after we had a number of arguments, then he said one thing, " After Independence, a number of temples have been destroyed in Pakistan and in Bangladesh, nobody raised voice, but a single mosque destroyed in India and it became an International Issue. I read your blogs and you support this act."

This statement made me write this blog.

In my previous blogs I wrote in support of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya, I never supported demolition of the Holy Shrine. Yes I too oppose the past, where a number of Hindu Temples have been destroyed in Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Afganistan. Recently we saw the Talibans destroyed the biggest Budha Statue of the world into pieces. These all are bad. But speaking these acts bad does not mean supporting the act of demolition of the Mosque.

Here I want to bring one concept of Hindu Mythology. All are aware of the way Ganesh Puja and Durga Puja are  celebrated. Big pandals are made, Pran Pratistha of the Statues of Gods and Goddesses are made. But after the Puja the Statues are thrown into water. Do any body think why ?

The reason being the lands are not Holy, they are not described as holy in any of the Hindu Books. Hence destruction of temples from such land is not against Hindu belief, provided the statues are properly thrown into the water.

But, the lands that has been specifically described to be Holy, can not be shifted, even though there exists no temple today, those places are holy and for every one, whether that is a Hindu or Muslim, does not effect.

In vedas, many ways of worships are allowed, and Bhakti is said to be the best. others being Japa and Yagnya. If we don't have Bhakti, rest two are waste, and nobody can achieve Mokshya without Bhakti.

And one more thing that we all say many a times but really don't believe, that is He is the Most Powerful, nothing can happen on this earth with out His order. Some times the Bad may try to destroy the Good, but He  always came and will always come in the future too, to bring an end to the Bad and to get the Good live.

Why do we want a Ram Temple at Ayodhya ? Because it is Prabhu Ram's Birth Place, and it can not be changed. But what is the best way ? Pray Prabhu Ram to come back again, until and unless he so desires, what ever we do, the temple can not be built.

The Human nature is that, it always wants to prove that I know every thing, and what I believe is the only truth and to whom I say good is the only good. This mind set created many religions. Bhagban Budha, Mahaveer Jain and Guru Nanak all born in this country, but in India they are not treated as  separate religion, then why other two religions are not accepted by us ? Is the only reason that they are not born in this land ? Perhaps the answer is yes, and this is Human Nature.

Prophet Mohammed clearly said that He is the Last Pegamber. But the Muslims can't accept it. Prabhu Krishna said that I will come to save the people when ever they need me. And Hindus can't accept the fact that He came as the Last Pegamber.

Here again I want to put the statement of one great Muslim Leader, " Hum Ram ko to mantey hain, Ram ki nhi mantey, Allah ko to mantey hain, Allah ki nhi mantey, Kitab ko to mantey hain, kitabo ki nhi mantey."

This human nature will change some day.. Hope so..

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