Saturday, October 9, 2010

Story Telling

I can remember well, I was a small kid, may be of the age of seven or eight, one my school teacher called and made me sit on the table, around which all the teachers were sitting, and asked me to tell a story. That day what I said don't really remember, but today I thank her for that act.

After that date, I tried to listen the stories and tell them. Very often I used to go to her and tell stories, and she used to listen to me with out getting bores. She is perhaps one of the finest teacher I had who let me learn a much when I was really a kid.

She once gave me a story book, and asked me to read that loudly, I made a number of mistakes, for each mistake I did, i used to get a chocolate from her, that was the cheapest  chocolate at that time, and one can buy almost 20 chocolates for 1 Rupee, but that was my favourite, and to get the chocolates I used to make mistakes knowingly. I was thinking she is really a fool, and cant get that I can read correctly, but reading incorrect just for the chocolate.

I was unknowingly learning the skill of story telling, while reading the incorrect words, I was putting more effort. And I came to understand this today, when I was presenting a Video Audio presentation on New Company law Bill.

I was feeling as if she is asking me to do the mistakes, and to put more and more effort to get own words.

Well, I was not actually wanted to say about her only, I wanted to say what is story telling actually.

So far what I learned is story telling is a skill, well every one knows that, but that skill comes if you practice it. From that age till today, I have practiced story telling knowingly and unknowingly.

In my primary school itself, I was full of confidence that I can say on any topic, and for any time. There after the time came when I used to participate for the debate competitions, and even if I did not get prizes, I used to be happy. Later after passing CA, during the GMCS, and orientation programmes, I came out with a lots of confidence.

While doing the classes too I got the confidence again.

You might be thinking what I am saying is my talents, where lies the story telling then ?

Well, all the occasions I said, I was confident and told a number of lies, and each lie I said, I said in such a way that all believed it to be true. That is really a story if seen from my eyes. That is why I said about story telling.

Story Telling is an art, but one great man once said that, A lier must have good memory. That what I lack in fact. So I did one good thing today, and told those friends who believe me, that I was just telling stories written by me, and those really did not happen with me.

At least some good things I do.

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