Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last day at Jeypore

So, hi guyz. Here again I am gonna say about my friends, but this time a different story. Well its my last day at Jeypore, my home town, with some of my cute students.

There was a little problem in the institute, so all the faculties met at a place to discuss what to do next. There I came across some more problems of our foundation students. I thought of informing them about this discussion. So called one of them. And in this process, I was a little angry on her. And as you all know, I can't stay quit when I say some thing bad to any one( I may be looking bad, but there is really a very soft heart inside), I called her to have some good time with me. She asked for a party for my new job, and finally we decided to go to the park and have "Gupchup Party" on the way to back home.

Then I thought it will be a better time if others will also join us. So called her two friends, and another student who is their friend too. So the strength raised to five.

The plan was to reach at the park by four in the evening. One girl will come directly to the park, I will go to another girl who has a scooter, and we two will go to other two girls and pick them. As we have to reach there at four, I had to start at about quarter past three. 

But as that was my last day at home, one of my sister came home to say me bye. We were talking and I forgot the time as well the plan. At about 3:30 p.m. I got a message whether the plan is on or any change in that plan. I replied her there is no change, and sent another message to the girl to whom I had to reach first.

I was already late, I reached her after fifteen minutes more. When we reached to the second girl, it was already four, and the girl who was to come directly to the park, had already reached there, and sent me a message. I did not reply her that time, as we were going to be late. 

At the same time rain started, and she sent me another message. I did not reply. This time she called me. I did not pick. In just five minutes, the rain stopped, I called her and said we will be reaching in just ten minutes. It was 4:30 pm by this time. Then we three moved to the next one. And finally we reached at the park at 5:pm. 

Huh... For the first time, I was late, and some body had to wait for me. 

But we had a great time there. Thanks to all of them.

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