Monday, October 4, 2010

Reply to Ayodhya Verdict

My last blog was really a post verdict comment from me, which many of friends liked and many of friends did not like too.

One friend called me and asked before writing in support of the Temple did you go through the real history ? An other friend called and said if the land would have given to one community then it may lead to Communal riot again. Some of the friends of the common view and said, even if the land belongs to Lord Ram, there should be some thing that wont hurt the Muslim emotions, another friend who never used to talk me in general, called and said I don't behave like a citizen of secular country.

Well my this blog is answer for all such questions, but before commenting again I will request my friends to go through the facts again.

On the verdict day I opened the site Wikipedia, very popular for its answer world wise, and considered correct, searched "Ram JanmBhoomi" and read the entire history of the facts. Then I searched for "Babri Masjid". 

The results show that upto 1940 the Masij was known as "Masjid e Janmsthan". What does that mean ? Up to 1940 the Muslims were saying the Masjid is on Janmsthan, but when Hindus started claiming in the Secular Government and Judicial Courts they started saying it "Babri Masjid" and raised question of existence of any Janmsthan.

Any way, I am not going to write the entire history of the site, as it is under one Court for review, but request my friends to go through the proves in support of the Temple, behave like a secular mind set, not like any of any particular community, again read the claims against the existence of Janmsthan, and then start saying what I said is right or wrong.

Secondly, the question of Communal Riots, well I am aware that India has seen many communal riots, pre-independence and post independence. But my question is that for this should the truth be suppressed ?

The third question  that many of my friends said, even though the land belongs to Lord Ram, there should be some thing that wont hurt the Muslim emotions.

That is what I have wrote in the last para of my previous blog, and I said it from the Ramayana itself, that first temple of Prabhu Ram was not in Ayodhya. and again in "Uttara Ramayana" it is said that who ever comes to Ayodhya will get his sins washed, it never says only Hindus will get, it says for every one.

But what I want in fact is all people should accept the fact that the land belongs to Prab

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