Friday, October 1, 2010

Ayodhya Verdict

Yesterday was a historic day for India, much waited for 60 years, it was the judgment day for the ownership of the land at Ayodhya whether belongs to Lord Ram or some others.

I was sitting before the TV, perhaps much of us were doing the same, but at the end what I undrestood that it is not a verdict at all. there are a number of ambiguities in the judgment, and as expected each party is moving to The Hon. Supreme Court.

I read the condenced judgments that are available on the internet, and I am really surprised that how a High Court can give such a verdict !

All the judges agree that there was a massive Hindu Structure before the Mosque was constructed, even if that is  not proved that the massive structure was Ram Temple, the land belongs to Hindus, and its Hindus who should decide what to do with the Land. Court should have said clearly that Hindus should be allowed to construct a massive structure, and who should be worshiped there should not be questioned by any one.

Second thing the judges by majority say that the land is birth place of Lord Ram, and as per Law in India, Hindu Deities are legitimate persons, so the entire land belongs to Lord Ram and the Court should have said that a Ram Temple should be constructed there.

Thirdly, Hon. Justice Khan found that both Hindus and Muslims pray at that site, and neither Hindus nor Muslims could prove that who preceded the other. He again said that there was a massive Hindu Structure on which the mosque was constructed. Here he accepted that temple existed earlier, and is not sure who first worshiped there, I really cant understand how he reached at this conclusion.

In the night when I was listening to the reviews, one Muslim leader said that all the time the Muslims are expected to be secular, why not the Hindus this time.

This remark blew my head for some time, because so far I run my eyes in the histroy, the Hindus very often proved that the are secular, and the Muslims just show their fundamentalism in India, whether that is in the case of India Pakistan partition and hundreds of other cases.

But one thing I cay here that I have many muslim friends who are very good, and I see a sort of secularism in their mind.

Hindus very often proved that they are secular, there are many Hindu places those find a place in Hindu Shastra, but they never claim those lands, namely Indraprastha was the Capital of the Pandavas, but no HIndu raised a question to find out where the Palace of the Pandavas was.

Many Historians found that almost fifty thousand temples were destroyed during the Muslims rule in India, but Hindus claim only three of it, they are too most sacred according to Hindu Mythology.

Again one sentence of the Hon. Supreme Court worth mentioning, that a role of temples in Hindusm can not be compared with the Mosques in Islam, because, Muslims can offer Namaz any where, but prayer of Hindus can be offered only at temples.

For the Muslim community its a battle of ego, where as for Hindu Community its 600 year long battle  for the land of Lord Ram.

Hope the Supreme Court will understand the facts.

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