Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Belief on God

Yesterday night I felt a little depressed, for man reasons, and realised that what ever I could do I did, now every thing is in His hand, and I can do nothing except waiting for the turn that the time takes. this is what I think the time that comes in every bodies life, when they cand do any thing except waiting and see what happens. Do we really belief God to be present and pray him for the best for us ?? Dont know exactly but I did yesterday. Went to youtube, searched for Hindu Chants, and listened the sacred chants one after the other.

This is not the first instance in my life when I waited for God to do the best for me, I can remember one earlier instance, that the time when I was going for the Campus Interview to Bhubaneswar, it was 4 days before the Eid, and 26th day of the Holy Ramzan.

It was 10 in the night, the bus stopped at Sunki, and the conducter asked the passengers to have dinner. I stepped down the bus, but before I reach the bus after my dinner, the bus left. I was helpless ther, because it was a small village, and night almost 11, no other way to catch the bus, my very problem was that in my bag, I have everything of my life, all my educational certificates.

I was feeling very bad, and was to cry, that time I got a sms from a friend where she said, "today the moon will be on the Meccah right at 11.45, ask allah what ever you want, you will get that. the sender was not a muslim, she is from Hindu Brahman family.

I saw the watch, it was 11.32. then another bus to the same destination came there, I stopped the bus, and said everything to the conducter, he said, we cant assure that we can catch the bus, but we can take you to the destrination. he then called a number that he said of the conducter of the bus that left me, but it was switched off.

As there was no sit left for me, I stood by door. the driver asked me is there any important thing left there, I said all my certificates. He said it might be a great problem for you, what will you do next, I said dont know, but I will be unable to attend the campus next day.

I saw the time it was 11.44, I started praying, oh lord, dont know whether you are Allah or some other, pleaase help me in the best way you can.

The driver asked me, " Are you a Hindu ?", I said, "yes". He had kept one coconut  for "Maa Taarini", that he gave me, and said, touch it on your forehead, and pray Her, she will help you. At that time, I cant do any other, so did what ever he said.

I was standing the whole night at the door of the bus, at about 4 am, one passenger got down and I got a place to sit now. Next to that seat, a man was sitting who heared everything about me.
 When I went there, he said,"dont feel bad, but these are the times, when God shows his presence. God is there to help you, but you have to goto Him. If we dont go to a barber and say, he doesn't do his work properly, we will suffer, not the barber. God is like the barber and we have to reach him." I was quit and just listening to him very carefully.
He continued, "God helps us in all the way, but He want us to pray him. That is what my experience, I have seen many persons in my life, who had many problems, when they came to the God, their problems have been solve by the God. That is the power of God, and we cant question it."
He then took out a small book, with white cover, and gave that to me, and said "keep it with you, and say save me Jesus, as many time as you can, you will get all your problem solved."

I did not say him any thing, because I did not want ant debate there, but I took that book, and kept that in my shirt pocket, and just smiled, then I thought, there is nothing wrong if I say save me jesus, whats wrong in it, I dont know any thing can work.

I started chanting, and dont really know when I got asleep. later after some or the other events, thanks to that girl who send me the message to pray Allah, and thanks to the driver, at about 11 in the morning I got my bag back.

Then I started thinking, which one really worked, pray at 11.45, the pray to Maa taarini or the words Save me Jesus ??

I dont have any answer yet, but one thing that I know is some thing that Lord Krishna said once, I will come to you in that face which you want to see, there is nothing in the name, it is te purity of your heart.

And one more line of The Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta, that proves to be correct many a times," leave all bondage and come to me, I will  save you"

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