Monday, September 27, 2010

Time Pass

The word time pass has many meanings, and by the time passes I wonder it will reveal some more meanings too.
I remember when I  first came across a friend who was a girl (seldom write girl friend, because  it has some more meaning too), the first question what she asked me was, "do you do time pass with me ?", and my answer was ofcourse "No", coz all of us know I could not say yes, even if I do.
Later some days, when I was geting bored, I called her, and said, I was getting bored so thought of a little time pass with you.
Ooppsss...... What did I say, it was "time pass". Surprisingly she did not feel bad, because thats what friends meant for some times, not always, to have a little time pass when we feel alone and get bored.
Some times later, when she wanted me to talk with her a little, and I did not have enough time for that for some or the other reason, she blamed that I use her as my time pass, and never respond her at the time of her need, and I blamed her as the same, and said a very good sentence that we all must have used before the others, especially before the opposite gender friends, " I dont do time pass with any, and dont want to be any one's time pass."
Well, today I have some other uses of the time pass, like reading books, story writing etc.
You might be thinking whats special in it, that every one knows, every one has one or the other time pass. Yeah... there are a number of ways to get the time pass, when we really dont have any thing to do constructive, but we cant sit ideal, ofcourse siting ideal is also a good time pass.
Naming some of the ways of time pass, walking on the road, calling the friends, staring at the girls passing through, watching TV, surfing net (dont want to say which sites... ), or doing the silly ways that what I am doing now, saying what ever comes to my mind.
Just two days ago, when I reached Kolkata, I had no other time pass then walking alone on the road, or chating with the friends over phone. But the friends with whom I used to chat were all busy, I really nothing had to do.
That time I really dont want want to have any time pass, rather I wanted to get my time passed, because I dont want to miss the friends with whom I used to chat, and who are not available now, ofcourse for the time pass, because they have some other time pass better than me.
My younger brother suggested me to have some or the other time pass, and asked me to read a novel that was with him and he might have read it many a times. I read it in the whole day, and I got the time passed through easily.
Wow I said, and yester day started reading another book, The Da Vinci Code, well I know you know about it, and it got my time fine till now.
Now I know the meaning of time pass, but why do we say I dont want to be a time pass for others ??
Great question, one thing that I think is, human wants to be recalled in spite of busy schedule, and it is not time pass, it is really time spend, when we spend, we make a cost benefit analysis, whether I will get best of what I am spending, becouse what we spend is really limited.
This is the meaning of time pass what I learned today, once while a little fight with one of my friends, she asked me a question crying, " Dont you do time pass with me ?" I had no answer that time, because I was really using her as my time pass. later after an odd period of a year, when we were not together and when we did not have any chances to go closer. I said her once, " I dont know the real meaning of time pass, but when ever I had time, I want to pass it with you, if it is time pass, then I must say you are my favourite time pass ever."
Well I dont know, that did any change in our relation because we are no more friends now, and we are not in contact too, as I changed my number and she did the same, but one thing worth mentioning is friends are always the ways to get our time pass, but the true friend is one who gets time to be passed, that is to say the option not compulsion...

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