Monday, September 27, 2010


It is almust two years, since I left Delhi, but could not really get out of it. Every time when some thing happens intertesting around me, I first think of calling my Delhi friends and say about that, but then I realise that I dont have any friends left at Delhi, and this comes to my rescue, and I write some thing on the wall of the Facebook, or status of the Orkut or the Gtalk or post some of the Pics that I want to show to them. The main motive behind is that I dont dare to say them directly, but want them to know whats going on with me, and I am really happy living far from Delhi.

But todya is a special day, I am not at home, really very far from my home, sitting at Kolkata, got the Blog yeat another option to say how I feel today.

I am writing about Delhi, ofcourse for the same reason, but while writing I think it will be better if the Delhi friends dont read it. Today I am missing Delhi so much because, one of my close lists is going to Delhi, and she will be reaching there any time today, she has just started, and I am very excited, wish I would have been there with her, wish my old Delhi friends come to me, wish we have some time together.

If I go into the past and see my life, the oddly two to three years life at Delhi is the most exciting I my life for many reasons. Dont want to hurt my school friends or college friends, but the fact is that what I got in Delhi was missing in the school and college times, it was the feeling of losing some one, that I never felt with school and college friends.

I am not writing the history here, not intend to, because it is not the write place to write my autobiography, I am just expressing what is going on in my mind today.

Yeaterday night I could not sleep thinking the friends of Delhi, and trying to understand the exact reason for which they thought its better to leave me, and the exact reason that made me to think to get rid of them. Ran across the times, each and every  words that the spoke to me and that I spoke to them were clearly audiable to me, still some thing that I dont remember is the reason what happened on 27th May 2008, the day I for the first time felt its better to leave Delhi.

Finally I left Delhi on 30th December 2008, but the plot started on 27th May 2008. Every one says, what ever God does is for our well being, I cant find any good for me for leaving Delhi except of the fact that I cleared CA exams, and I afraid if I were at Delhi, I could not have done this. But this is what I think, it may be happened that I could have score a better than what I did.

Any way.... The final fact is that I miss friends of Delhi. But the other side of the coin is that, I dont want them back in my life. The way I am today perhaps the best way to live.

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