Monday, October 4, 2010

Post Verdict Comments

India is a Great country. While saying that I don't know while saying this whether I am feeling proud of being Indian or not.

We have a great history of such rulers who left every thing for the citizens, like Raja Ram, Raja Krishna, Raja Judisthr, Raja Raja Chola, Harsh Bardhan,  Akbar, and many more, they ruled in the hearts of their citizen and always tried to join the hearts of the citizen so that the state should progress. The present rulers in the contrary want to rule by dividing the heart of the citizen so that they can progress, what ever may happen to the states.

Post Ayodhya verdict Comments prove the same.

After the Ayodhya Verdict, the Hindus really felt insult as the judgment did not accept the historical proves presented, but the comments came in such a way that the Muslims will be feeling like cheated.

I am just quoting the great comments.

First it came from BJP Leader, and one of the Advocates present in the Court Room, he said, "The Muslims never denied that Ayodhya was a Holy land for Hindus, they never denied that It is the Birth Place of Lord Ram, they were raising question whether the Janm Sthan was on the same site, now after the verdict, Muslims should show a greater mind set and allow to build a Temple."

I don't know how to react the same, so I am not writing any thing on the same. Second it came from the Chief of RSS, who said, "No one is the winner or the loser, I request the Muslim Comunity to come forward.

The above two persons are always treated as Communal, but their languages don't seem so.

Third it came from BJP, who just read what RSS chief said, and nothing new in it.

Next was from Chief Minister of Utter Pradesh, who was really not commenting on the Ayodhya Verdict, but took the platform as a chance to attack Congress party. Any way, it was a little better, because to grab the votes she did not play with the sentiments and I liked her comment for this stake, but what ever she said was not correct.

Next comment came from the so called Secular Leader, Mulayam Singh, who said, "In the Verdict the court relied on belief and not on facts, the Muslims feel like cheated." By saying so, he thought of dividing the hearts again and getting some muslim votes. But he did not know the impact of the emotions on national integration.

Next the man who was the Chief Minister when thre Babri Masjid was demolished, kalyan Singh ji, he took the platform to set Mulayam up, and what ever he said was correct, and I dont want to comment on it, but his words were like that neither he wanted to make the Muslims unhappy, and at the same time he wanted to get their votes. But I appreciate his words, because the political leaders should use such languages, it should not hurt any one.

Then in  a Press Conference, our Home Minister said, " the verdict has no impact on the illegal acts of babri demolition", well this statement was a requirement of the time, and I appreciate him. Because any act not in accordance with the law must be punished, and the people committing the crime must be made aware of the same repeatedly so that they can never sleep well.

As expected, when the punishment bell rang, BJP started opposing it, saying the matter is under review of a court, and the minister should not commented on it. Such statement was also expected, because, the guilty persons thought that now they can save their skins, when ruling party show that they can not be saved, now they cant sleep happily.  There are two impacts of the statement of the BJP, first they wanted to protect the VHP members and secondly wanted to impress the Hindu Fundamentalist voters to grab their vote, thirdly, they don't want to lose the votes in the forth coming Bihar Election.

A leader from Congress said that, the verdict supported the claim of Hindus, thats why the country is calm, if it were against them, there would have been bloodshed. I don't understand what he was trying to say. The Muslims in India proved that they are calm, but the political leaders don't want them to remain the same and encourages them to go and start blood float on the streets. Such comments are really shame for the whole human.

But most obnoxious comment came from the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who tried to widen the differences of North India and South India, and to create a new line of hatred amongst the people.  
He said, "The Aryan culture has succeeded in planting superstition while even truthful aspects of Dravidian history remain unknown. A court can pin point the birthplace of Ram who lived 17.28Lakh years ago, but nothing is known about the Great Chola King Raja Raja Chola in thee manner he died or whee he is buried. No body even know whether Ram was ever born, it is just the superstition that has created by the Aryans." This is second time Karunanidhi raised question on existence of Ram, first he said in the context of Setu Samudram Project. 

Now can some one explain to him that, it is at par impossible to prove the existence of Christ as well as Prophet Mohhmed. Why no question has been raised for them ? Again, the signs of birth place of Prbhu Ram are still visible, people worship him as God, but these are not the same for the Great Chola King. Again, the State in which Raja Raja Chola was born has been taken enough steps to preserve the History relationg to him, but the State in which Raja Ram was born is trying to cleat the entire history. God help that man.

Any way, they will never change.

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