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Hindu Terrorists

Terrorism is a problem known to all nations of this world. Be it USA or European Countries or Israel or India or Pakistan. Every nation is facing some or other sort of terrorism.

Till now terrorism has not been defined. But common understanding is, "an act of violence done by a group of persons following a particular ideology against the non supporters of the ideology."

After 9/11 attack, a religion was involved with terrorism. Later a number of evidences came to knowledge that shows how the very foundation of a particular religion instigates killing of non-believers. 

India is facing terrorism from the day of its independence. During 1990 thousands of Kashmiri Pandits were killed, in 1993 Mumbai was jolted with a series of blasts. Even the Parliament was not spared from this terrorism activity. 

Later in India some terrorism groups have been identified and banned. They are SIMI, IM etc. Interestingly all these terrorist outfits belong to a particular religion. 

Looking at the world wide incidences of a series of terrorism activities by followers of a  particular religion, some people started to believe that all people following that particular religion are terrorists. So some people who belong to that religion, but not directly involved in active terrorism, started a campaign world wide that all are not the same. Under that series we saw a film by Sahrukh Khan titled "My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist."

In India the followers of that religion are very united and vote only to that party which accepts their ideology. If some one asks for equality, then they are termed as communal. Hence all the power monger political parties in order to gain their confidence do every sort of activities, they dont even spare the national interest and try to protect the most active enemy of India.

The main opposition party of India is with a different ideology. It follows the ideology of RSS, the largest NGO of India, which is praised world wide for its service to humanity during calamities and other crisis. 

Recent growth of this political party has marked a sign of alarm for the party in Government. So they put all their forces to malign RSS and the main opposition party. For which false evidences were planted, many false stories were written, much false news was broadcasted. All these were done just to keep the main opposition party away from power. 

But the worst ever step was taken by the Home Minister of India, when he said the opposition party along with RSS run terror camps in India that train Hindu Terrorists. 

Now he blamed a religion for being involved in terrorism which is the most peace loving religion in the world. It is the oldest surviving religion in the world, which never imposed its belief on other. At the time when people were killed for being Non-Believer by the two largest religions of the world, Hindus not only gave the victims shelter, but also helped them to practice their own religion. 

When the pressure rose on Home Minister, he corrected his statement and replaced the word "Hindu" with "Saffron". Saffron is the color of being Bharat. This color finds its place in the flag of India too. 

Then the Home Ministry came out a list of 10 people, looking at whom he blamed 100 crore people to be terrorists.  But interestingly none of them are convicted. They are just arrested for more then 2 to 3 years, no charge sheet filed yet, no trial happened. And the Home Minister already declared them as terrorists. 

Lets know about these so called terrorists – 

1.       Swami Aseemanand :
A former RSS pracharak. He is accused of planning terror attacks on Ajmer Sharif, Mecca Masjid, 2006 Malegaon blasts and 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings. The Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) arrested Aseemanand on November 19, 2010 for his involement in Mecca Masjid bombing.On 24 December 2010 he was handed over to National Investigation Agency (NIA). In his confession before Metropolitan Magistrate Deepak Dabas at Tis Hazari courts on December 18, 2010, he confessed that he and other Hindu activists were involved in bombings at various Muslim religious places as they wanted to answer every Islamist terror act with “a bomb for bomb’’ policy. His confession, recorded in Hindi, has been reported in Tehelka news magazine Issue Dated January 15, 2011 “In the Words of a Zealot. 

However, in late March 2011, Aseemanand stated that he had been pressurized by the investigating agencies to confess that he was behind these blasts. NO Chare sheet filed, not yet heard.

2.      Sunil Joshi :
A former RSS Pracharak till 2003. He us accused of planning terror attack at Samjhauta Express and Mecca Masjid. 

The fact is, he was just a suspect. He was gunned down by some unknown persons, and Police could not find out the murderers yet. So there is no concrete evidence against him. Later some RSS Pracharaks were arrested for killing Sunil Joshi. But later it came to known that, its NIA that offered Rs.1 cr each to name hand of RSS in these cases.

3.      Devender Gupta :
A former RSS Pracharak. As per Police, he bought the SIM card that triggered the bomb at Ajmer Dargah. Police links him with Sunil Joshi, who bought the scooter from Sadvi Pragnya Singh. 

But against him no charge sheet filed, no trial done. But media and Congress convicted him already.

4.      Ramji Kalasangra:
A former RSS Pracharak. Accused for being the man who planted the bombs. But he was never arrested. Rest the media convicted him for being the terrorist.

5.      Sandeep Dange
A former RSS Pracharak till 2006, and is accused for Samjhauta, Mecca masjid blasts. But he was too never arrested.

6.      Lokesh Sharma
A former RSS Pracharak till 2002. He is accused of the blasts held in 2007. He was just a suspect and arrested. But no charge sheet filed yet, and not yet convicted. Rest he is convicted by media and Home Ministry.

7.      Mukesh Vasnani
A former RSS Pracharak till 2000. He us accused for the blasts held during 2007. Its yet another Govt cooked story without any evidence. No Charge sheet filed yet, and not yet convicted.
Rest three are 8. Rajendra Chaudhury, 9. Chandrashekhar Leve and 10. Kamal Chauhan. No further information regarding these three is available, Hence these names to seem to be Govt cooked stories without any evidence.

This is the truth behind Hindu Terrorism as said by our Home Minister. Not to forget this is the same person that says terror has no religion when the terrorism is done my other community, whom the whole world blames for all terror activities, and uses respectable words for terrorists like Osama and Hafeez Saeed.  Further not to forget, this man was found with RSS Sarsangh Chalak during 1983.

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