Saturday, October 6, 2012

Your God and my God

This is a true story, happened with me during 2005 December.

It was a sunday, I was walking in a street, saw a group of people were going some where in a hurry. One of them saw me, as if I am an alien. Asked me, am not I going to the house of the Lord.

I asked House of Lord ? you mean a temple ?
He laughed at me and said, "Is temple house of lord ? That is a lie. That is house of a deity, that came out of mind of a priest. This imagination is his sole source of income."

I was surprised with his behaviour. I asked,
"What is a deity ?"

He replied,
"Deity is an imagination that some one is God, who will save you. But that is not real, that is fake."

"is a fake God is deity ?" I asked to be confirmed, hearing which he said "Yes".

I was a little sad hearing his words. Since I have gained knowledge on earth, I was going to temples, was lighting a lamp before a statue thinking that be God, and this man is insulting not only my belief, but also my God. But instead of arguing, I replied,

"How can you say that God be fake ?? A crores of people have noticed his greatness. We have a book orated by him in the war field. We know where he was borne, we know what he did while he was a kid, we know how he let win a huge army by five brothers. He was incarnation of God, he made the dead live again. And so on. How can one say all these be fake ?"

I thought this time, he will atleast accept that temples too are house of the God. BUt instead he smiled, as if I am a fool.

He said,
"See dear. All what you said are not truth. There may be a crores of fools who accept some thing to be truth without trying to know explore whether its truth any way.

You are saying of a book orated by the God. But who recorded those words ? Not the person who first heard it, but some one else, who miraculously heard the story. How such miracle be happen ?

What you know about his early life and later are just fictions without any evidence. So this is all lie.

Our lord is truth. He was son of the God, he was borne of a virgin, he made the dead alive again, he turned the water into wine."

I opposed and said,
"You say your God is son of God, I say he is incarnation of God. What is the difference ?"

He replied, "difference is your God is a lie, and mine a truth. Can you show me your God ? If yes, I will accept him. But the truth is your God is not alive. He is dead. Hence your story is a lie.".

Without arguing much, I thought it would be better to visit the house of God with him.

There I saw a large gathering of people, as we see in a satsang. The bell rang, as it rings in a temple. People were lighting candles, as I light a lamp.

Everything was the same. But I thought the Lord of that house would not be a dead one like the deity of temple. He will now come us, I can see him.

But to my surprise the Lord did not come. I asked the man, "when will your Lord come ? When can I see him ?

He said, nobody saw the Lord for last 2000 years. The Son of God died to save us.

I said,
"If nobody saw your God for last 2000 years, if he is dead, how can I say that be the true God ?? What if I ask to show me walking like a living man ? What if I ask you to prove he was alive again ?? "

He became angry on me, and said,
"Your are doing blasphemy. You can not question his divinity, or you will burn in the hell."

I laughed at myself and said,
"Now I am in the hell. I just want to get rid of it."

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