Monday, August 27, 2012

Undeclared Emergency

15th August 2012. Whole of India was officially celebrating its 65th year of Independence from the British Rule. But internally hardly any one celebrating this day. Not because the people of India are not happy of the independence, neither because they feel bad for the partition that killed lakhs of people across the border.

It was because of the undeclared emergency in India. Its really the worst period of India after independence. The commodity prices are on high rise, leave about the poor, the middle class people are suffering a lot for this. And the minister of Union Government instead of finding out ways to control the same, says price rise is good as the farmers get good price for their products.

Women are kidnapped from the busy streets in the broad day light, and thrown away after raped. And the chief minister of the state instead of talking about punishing the guilty, warns the media not to report.

The farmers are committing suicides, poor people die of starvation, but the food grains are being wasted. But the Government instead of finding ways to equitably distribute food grains, just distribute blames on the State Governments. 

A terrorist from a foreign land comes to the most popular city of India, kills more than hundred people, and being ordered to be hanged by judiciary. Instead of hanging him till death, the Government is spending money to feed him biriyani. 

Another terrorist from India, who helped the foreign national terrorist is being caught, and the Government is feeding him his favorite dishes and keep him in a AC room with full comfort.

Another terrorist, who attacked the parliament house and killed many patriotic police officers. Supreme Court ordered to hang him till death, instead of giving justice, he is being kept in a AC room, is provided with full comfort. A state Government asks to free him and the Union Government do not dare to hang him.

On the other hand, a Colonel of Army, who is given a task to know the secret of Hindus being engaged in terror attack, is arrested and falsely charged as a terrorist and gets full torture from the police, from the Army as well.

A religious preacher of Hindu community, who is a female is arrested for a false charge of terrorism, police forces her to undergo narcotests for 13 times. 

A group of terrorists are killed by some brave policemen in Delhi. In this operation a police officer dies. And the Union Law Minister says the encounter was false, and the Supremo of the Rulling party could not stop crying when see saw the pictures. But that Supremo did not cry when the terrorists killed thousands of Indians in various incidences.

Illegal migrants of a neighboring country are killing the local inhabitant tribes, more than two lakh people leave their homes. And the State Government instead of identifying the illegal migrants, speaks there are no illegal migrants. And the Prime Minister who himself represent that particular State feels its just enough to give some thousands of Rupees to the victims. Ironically, the Prime Minister do not meet and discuss with the local tribes, rather holds discussion with the invaders.

At the same time an MP of the rulling party threatens, if any of the foreign illegal immigrant asked to leave nation, all Muslims of the country will become terrorist.

For some false news of Muslims being killed in Myanmar, the Indian Muslims organise a meeting, burns the public property, assault the female police officers,  and vandalise the memorials of Soldiers, But neither Police, nor media even dares to take action against them, forget about the Government.

Same way, the Muslim protestors destroy a Budha statue as well as a jain Statue. The lady who was in fire after vandalizing her own statue by some patriots is now hiding from speaking a word. 

Hindus of a particular region are being threatened to be killed all across the Country, they are fleeing to their home land, at this juncture instead of booking the culprits, the Government is blocking websites and social media accounts. 

In the name of stopping rumor, Government is blocking social media handles of opposition parties and the organisations who are against the ideology of the Rulling party. 

This is the state of Emergency. Where we do not have free will to express our anger against the Government, against the bad people in our country, against the enemies of our nation. 

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