Thursday, July 28, 2011

Turning Point

For last couple of days, I am thinking hard about me. I go back to my past and see my behavior, and compare the same with the way I behave now a days. Some times I feel the change brought some good in me, and some other time I feel past was better.

Its not a very old time, I used to make a friend very easily, I used to move around with them, I used to have fun with them. I had a number of topics to discuss, starting from girls, beauty etc.., and ending with girls, beauties etc. But now a days, I don't have much topics to discuss. Very often I start from giving lectures, some say it Prabachan too, and end with the same prabachan. 

Last night I talked with a friend, a very young friend. She is just 18 year old, from Multan, Pakistan. She is one of my recent added foreign friends. Very pretty, energetic, and unlike other Pakistani friends, she is very open and ready to discuss on any topic. She came to know about me from my blogs. She is a very good blog writer too. last night our topic was my seriousness.

She said, I present myself to be a very serious kind of human. She read my blog Delite, and asked is it the reason.

That made me think a lot on this issue. Am I really very serious !! If yes, what was the turning point!! I put myself at the age of 18, and recalled the way I used to behave. The way I used to behave at the age of 18 was the same I used to behave at the age of 26, even my behavior in last year was the same. This happened in a period of less than a year that made me very serious.

This topic is really very serious. One day one of my very old friend from Delhi came to Bhubaneswar for some of her official work. We planned to go for a trip. On the way we discussed mainly on Hinduism. She started topic showing the useless caste system of Hinduism. We said her many good things, and also the way how the racial type caste system is imposed by the British.

While discussing with her, I came to know how the Christian Missionaries spread all false things about Hinduism to attract Hindus towards them. I gave her full chance to say on all grounds. I listened her carefully, and noticed, not a single allegation on Hinduism is right. 

That time I decided to say the truth to her. We had discussions on this topic for 4 to 5 months. I gave he all the proves to show how false the statements were. And said her the truth of Aryan Invasion, concept of God in Vedas, truth of Puranas, and Upanishads.

I don't know I could convince her or not, but now a days she is accepting Vedas are really good. But I found she was not the only one in this crap. There are many persons who are in this crap. Internet is full of hatred sites on Hindus. And some Islam preachers like Jakir Nayak claim revelation of Mohammed in Vedas. 

These are really disturbing. One way we Hindus accept all as of our one family, and none of the Hindu spiritual preachers say a single offensive word for Islam and christianity. But the Christian and Islamic preachers charge openly to Hinduism. And the pseudo secularism mindset of our political parties and media make the situation worse. It seems that the Govt and the media are fully determined to eradicate Hinduism from the earth.

This is what made me serious. This is the turning point.

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