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Aryan Invasion in Vedas

Yesterday, an unknown friend posted  verses from Rigveda and claimed the Aryan Invasion theory is documented in Vedas.

Before I go into Vedas, first let us know what is Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) in fact. It is a theory (not proved to be true) propounded by the British as history of India. According to this theory, some five thousand years ago a race called Aryans (which according to them is originated from the word Iran) invaded India. They destroyed the cities on the bank of river Sindhu. Some major cities were Harappa and Mahenjodaro now situated in Pakistan. They progressed further. They killed all the black skinned aborigines of India named the dravidians. Destroyed their cities. The black skinned aborigines progressed southward. The dravidians are the the present south Indians and the aryans are the North Indians.

This Theory has been proved wrong long ago. The archeological survey of Harappa gave further findings in early '90s. It was found that the city was destroyed due to internal matter. It was the Saraswati River Civilisation. The Saraswati river is described in Vedas and the Cities are also mentioned in it. The cities became barren when the river became dry due to some natural calamity.

Again the period of Aryan Invasion is an arbitrary period. The basis of the dating is the Bible that says the great flood happened some five thousand years ago. So there cant be any city older than the flood. Now they don't have answer to the question whether there was a flood of that nature ever ?

Interestingly, the story of the flood is also mentioned in one of the Hindu Purans. It says about second incarnation of Vishnu. To save the knowledge that has already been delivered to the mankind, Vishnu took incarnation in the form of a fish. He said a king to protect the species and specially the seven earliest rishis, whom we correlate with the seven stars of the Great Bear group of stars. According to the dating of this puran, it happened some billions years ago. So, who copied which concept from whom has became a controvercial topic now a days.
This was a game plan of the British. With this theory, they wanted to get three benefits-
1. To divide the people of India in races, show that they can rule for some more time
2. To prove that Hinduism is a religion of war, so that the people can be converted to Christianity
3. To demoralize the then freedom fighters by showing that the land does not belong to any one, and nobody is righteous to initiate war against others for land.

Not only the AIT, they made many other attempts to get their target. Some of them are -

1. Implementation of a rigid caste system : They adulterated the Manu Smriti, and tried to prove birth based caste system. They succeed in this approach because of two reasons. First they gave the educated mass the right to collect revenue from others. Gave them ample money for them, and asked them to treat the uneducated mass to be punished in accordance with their version of Manu smriti. Second, the educated mass of that time did not want to get out of power, and again the power was good for them. So they implemented  what the British want to implement.

2.   Bhavishya Puran: They wrote a complete epic called Bhavishya Puran, and claimed that this Puran is wrote by Vyasa Deva who had written the Greatest epic of Human so far, "The Mahabharat". This Puran says about Mohammed, Jesus, Queen Victoria. It claims Queen Victoria will be the ruller of the land for ever and Jesus will be the savior of this land. 

Now lets see the truth. Puran means history. The name if translated into English will become History of Future. Will any man who is aware of English will give such a name ?? How such a learned man will give such a name to an epic. The true name would have been "Bhavishya Katha" or "Bhavishya Upakhyan". But they made mistake because, Hindus of that time were praising the Purans that time and not the Katha or Upakhyan. So they thought the word Puran will be accepted by the Hindus. So this proves that the epic is not written by the person whom they claim to be. Secondly, if a man could foresee upto rule of Victoria, he could have foreseen about Gandhi, Nehru, Bosh, the world wars, India pakistan Partition. But he could not foresee these major events of History. rather the man who said accurately regarding Raja Bhoj, and Vikramaditya failed in case of Victoria whom he claimed will be the ruller for ever.

These things show the true attitude towards writing the History of India. First the invaders burn all our Historical documents, adulterated the hindu spiritual books, brought some sanskrit texts to prove their supremacy, then claimed Hinduism is bad, worse and then started converting people and expanded their rule. The people who can write a complete epic which is based on false, how can the religion they claim will be true ???

Anyway, I don't want to hurt any one's believe. But here is the truth of the allegation that Vedas have documented the so called Aryan Invasion.

He quoted two verses from Mandal 1 of Rig Veda, in which the fight between Indra and a dasyu named Vritrasur is narrated. Following are the two verses quoted by him-

1:32:5 - Indra cut into pieces the limbs if Vritrasur as the branches of a tree are cut, and killed him.

1:32:9 - Mother of Vritrasur covered him to protect him from anger of Indra, she laid her self on Vritrasur as a cow lays down  on it calf to protect it, But Indra still killed him.

Well my dear friend, this time  your translations are accurate. These two verses say the same. If we read Verse 1:32:6 and 1:32:8, we will see Vritrasur fought a brave war. Indra cut its limbs, still he stood up, and attacked Indra. But you did not read the verse no 1:32:11 which is in present tense. Which says, the wide and vast body of Vritrasur lies amongst the clouds, and stops water to fall on earth. Indra attacks Vritrasur with his weapon and makes rain possible. Now sir, if Indra killed Vritrasur, how again he comes back to life ?? And if Vritrasur was a human, how he can lie amongst the clouds and how can he stop the rain to fall ??

To understand this, you need to read 1:22:6," Sun sucks water from the earth and helps to make rain." and verse 1:23:17," Sun and water are our friend. Sun uplifts the water who again come back to us in the form of rain".

Vritrasur is the negative force in the atmosphere that restricts rain fall. In these verses it is said that Indra destroys that negative force and couses rain. For more clarification read the five verses that follows the verses quoted by you. That narrates the qualities of Vritrasur. There you will encounter another name Pani whom indra killed too. But before claiming its another proof of AIT, don't forget to read the qualities and character of Pani. He used to kidnap the cows of sun (means sun rays were abstracted from coming to earth). And again don't forget to read 1:33:10 that narrates, Vritrasur captured the water, for which there were no rain and earth became dry. You oh Indra killed him and made the earth green again.

In all the above verses, you will know Indra is that magnetic force that creates collusion amongst the floating clouds and for which it rains.

This is in fact description of the water cycle. Not the AIT.

Remember, Vedas are not story books, these are primitive science books. Get knowledge from it.

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