Sunday, June 15, 2014

Vedas - For the Journalists and the Ruler

Every time when we think about the Vedas, we say these are the complete guide for the society. If one learns the Vedas, he does not need to learn any other doctrine for humanity or human culture. 

Journalists are a very important part of our society. They are considered as the 4th Pillar of the house of democracy. If it becomes weak, the democracy will fall. 

Below is what the Vedas say about the duty of the Rulers and the journalists - 

RigVeda Mandal -2 : Sukta 42 :

कनिक्रदज्जनुषं प्रब्रुवाण इयर्ति वाचमरितेव नावम्
सुमङगलश्च शकुने भवासि मा त्वा का चिदभिभा विश्व्या विदत् |

As a sailor sails a boat, "Shakuni" inspires the society with his knowledge and intelligence. May he not be hurt by our enemies. (1)

मा त्वा शयेन उद्वधीन मा सुपर्णो मा त्वा विददिषुमान्वीरो अस्ता
पित्र्यामनु प्रदिशं कनिक्रदत्सुमङगलो भद्रवादी वदेह |

Oh Shakuni.. No enemy be able to kill you like a vulture or "garuda" (kills a bird). No enemy with arms be able to control over you. May you always speak the truth even in the adverse situations. (2)

अव क्रन्द दक्षिणतो गृहाणां सुमङगलो भद्रवादी शकुन्ते
मा नः स्तेन ईशत माघशंसोबृहद्वदेम विदथे सुवीराः . ||

oh Shakuni, you always speak the truth and for peace of the society, in case of adverse situations, guide us with the truth (even if bitter). May we have good children, may we do good. (3)

Shakuni are those, whose primary job is to inspire the rulers and the citizen to perform their part of duties, and bring the truth before all (modern day journalists or RTI activists or social workers) . 

In this Sukta, it is said, they should not be killed, they should not be hurt, they should not be controlled by arms. They should be protected and heard.

Its duty of the Shakuni to be impartial, truthful and not be influenced by threat of any kind.

RigVeda Mandal -2 : Sukta 43 :

परदक्षिनिदभि गृणन्ति कारवो वयो वदन्त तुथा शकुन्तयः |
उभे वाचौ वदति सामगा इव गायत्रं च तरैष्टुभं चानु राजति |

As we search for food, may the Shakuni sit on the right, and advise us. As the singers of Sam Veda sings the meters of “Gayatri” and “Tristupa”, may the Shakuni speak pleasantly.

उद्गातेव शकुने साम गायसि बरह्मपुत्र इव सवनेषु शंससि |
वृषेव वाजी शिशुमतीरपीत्या सर्वतो नः शकुने भद्रमा वद विश्वतो नः शकुने पुण्यमा वद |

Oh Shakuni, speak sweet like the Singers of Sam Veda, and speak aloud timely like the performer of the yagna. Like a horse impresses the hare, Shakuni bring all knowledge around the world to us.

आवदंस्त्वं शकुने भद्रमा वद तूष्णीमासीनः सुमतिं चिकिद्धि नः |
यदुत्पतनवदसि कर्करिर्यथा बृहद्वदेम विदथे सुवीराः |

Oh Shakuni, when you speak, you you speak for our betterment. When you keep quit, you plan for our betterment. When you fly, create sound as pleasant like “Karkari” (a string instrument like guitar). May we do good with our children.

Duty of Shakuni is to, bring the truth around the world. He should speak pleasantly, he should only bring the information. His words should be very accurate (comparison of Sam veda Singers), he should speak aloud so that all can hear, and he should speak timely.

When they speak, they should speak for the betterment of the society, when they keep quit, they should plan for the betterment of the society. When they speak, they should speak pleasant like the music. This will help the society to prosper.


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