Sunday, March 16, 2014

Whom should I vote ?

The festival of democracy has arrived. The largest democracy in the world will celebrate it. This will be my 3rd opportunity to participate in this festival. And I want to play safe this time. I want to vote, and vote for development of my nation.

There are four players in this election. Lets analyze them -

1. Congress -
 The Congress party is ruling India since independence. Other parties ruled just for a decade, and the during the rest, Congress was the ruler. And its in power since 2004. And what did I get in these years -
a. Corruption to the core
b. Unemployment
c. Destruction of culture
d. Castiest politics
e. Communal riots and enimity among communities
f. Weak foreign policy
g. Weaker defense

In sort, got nothing from congress in these years. China and India started journey from the same position, and China overpassed India by miles. Congress Mukt Bharat is the only option available to save India.

Hence my vote will never be to Congress.

2. Aam Admi Party -
 This is a new comer in Indian politics under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal, ex-IIT, ex-IRS. In the very first election, it won major seats in Delhi, and formed Govt. But it has some issues too, viz. -
a. It can not get majority of its own. Like Delhi, it may support Congress to form Govt. In this way, it will be Congress again.
b. Arvind Kejriwal is not a reliable person. In the past he took many u-turns.
c. Arvind Kejriwal resigned as CM from Delhi in just 49 days. The reason being he failed to table a bill in proper manner. This may happen when he will be PM too.
d. AAP gave tickets to such persons who support separation of Kashmir, naxal movement. And these tendencies are very dangerous to India.

Hence AAP is not a right option.

3. Regional Parties -
 There is one or more regional parties in every state. And these parties are more or less dynastic in nature. Every dynastic head wants to be the PM, and full of infights. This will create chaos in the country, and further weaken India.

Hence my vote is not to regional parties either.

4. BJP-
 This is the last option available. Earlier under the leadership of Shri. Atal Bihari vajpayi, BJP ruled India for 6 years. And this era shown many progress in India. This time BJP is contesting under the leadership of Shri Narendra Madi. He is CM of Gujrat for a decade and more. In this decade, Gujrat progressed a lot. Other factors are -
a. The dream of Congress mukt Bharat is possible only with BJP, because it is the only party, that never supported Congress to rule
b. Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh are the states with minimum corruption, and these are ruled by BJP for a decade. Hence corruption free India may be possible.
c. It was BJP that had done nuclear tests in the past inspite of sanctions from US. Hence only BJP can strengthen defense.
d. Modi is known for his courage against traitors of India.
e. BJP openly supports cultural development of India.

so, BJP seems to be only viable option.

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