Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Problem

Now a days, I am facing a problem. The problem seems to be very big some times. The more I want to come out of it, the more I am grabbed by the outcomes.

I am really worried, I want to solve this problem. I searched on the internet, asked my friends and their friends, to get a solution for it. But nobody has any solution.

This is not the problem only with me. I saw, the problem is faced by all men of my age. Some get the problem little earlier, and some get a little later. But every one faces the problem. Some people are made with due careby God, and they get solution for it, and some can not get the solution, and accept the result.

Don't know, what to do ? The problem is really serious, I can't sleep in the nights, I don't enjoy with any thing. Those who know me for long time, keep on asking me for the change. I have no answer for them, except a forced smiling face.

I asked those men, who are elder then me, and who could win over the problem, what they did ? I get a simple answer, nothing.. I asked those men who are victims of this problem what they did not do ? I get a simple answer nothing.

And this answers multiply my problems. If I don't do any thing, I will be a victim of it. And If I do anything, I may also be the victim.

But I am fully determined, I will win over the problem. I don't know how, but some day I will find the way.

I just pray God, to keep me safe untill I find the solution. I pray God, to keep my hair on my head, until I get some treatment for hair fall, I pray God to keep me safe.

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