Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Love

After coming from office, I was feeling very bored, so went to the park to have some recreation. I was roaming there, saw an young girl of hardly twelve to thirteen year old is sitting alone and smiling herself. I have seen her  many times before playing with her friends of her age in that park, but today she was alone. The smile on her lips for no reason forced me to watch her activities.

After some times, she stood up and started moving here and there in the park, very often she used to move around a chair where three boys of around fourteen to fifteen were sitting. 

Being very anxious, I moved near those boys, and tried to listen what they are talking. It was the same that I was thinking of. Two boys were asking  the third boy to propose her.

I recalled my past when I was of that age. I tried to know what was going in her mind, so sat on a chair where her friends were playing. 

That girl was continuously roaming in the park. After some times one of her friend called her and said," he is n't going to say you dear." And other girls started making joke on her.

Mean while many other people came to the park, and all of them went home.

Oh.... What a bad luck for the girl. One of my friend said that guy should have been taken mountain dew, so that he would have gained some dare to propose her.

This is perhaps the first love of both of them. Perhaps this is the age when boys and girls fall in love for the first time. I too fell in love at that age.
Oh God.. What an experience that was. The day I thought of proposing her, I could not eat, could not sleep, did not want to play, could not read. The day I proposed her passed in the same way. The days until she accepted me were worse than ever. The day she accepted me, was the worst. Ha Ha Ha.... The experience cant be expressed in words.

But Love of this age don't last long, and every thing ended with my end of college life. Later I came across many girls. Some were more beautiful then her. But I never fell in love again.. And could never forget her.

First love... Really rocks....

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